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Ceramic Tiki Molds?

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I'm trying to make my own ceramic tiki lamp in my favorite color. Does anyone know where I can buy tiki molds? Not necessarily tiki lamp molds. I think I can make a tiki mug mold into a lamp. Thanks!


These are kind of big but I saw one of these made into a garden tiki by pouring cement or plaster into it and using them as molds. You can tint the cement or plaster to whatever color you like or paint it after it has gotten set up. I have even seen these made up and painted to look like wood those were neat. You can usually find either of these at any party supply store. At Micheals Craft Stores carry mold kits if you want to make your own mold from a mug. If you can't find one of those maybe you could use one of those mold kits that you make molds of childrens hands. If you use the bucket you can just place the mug into it till its formed..super easy! Those are all of my ideas....

...Cheers! :drink:

Check eBay. A few weeks ago I saw tons of molds for tikis on there. I have been kicking around the idea of getting some to make wall plaque tikis.

Good Luck!


Tacky Tiki

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