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Fire Island Grille, N. Myrtle beach, SC (restaurant)

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Name:Fire Island Grille
Street:Barefoot Landing 4924 Hwy 17 South
City:N. Myrtle beach


I'm gonna check this place out this week - will post full report and additional pics. the tikis look like tiki-joe's who is a local carver.
Looks cool - not sure of anything drink or food wise.
Stay tuned will edit after consuming!

OK well its been a while but the place is fun and FULL Of tikis - they do look like tiki joes from the area but I have no official confirmation.. The food and service was good the drinks decent but not "awesome lets run over there" - worth a visit for tikis and a drink maybe an app too...

here goes:

note size of glass - its to scale.....

whats with the kid?

yep they got mugs.... nuff said

door handle

Very high "tipsy" factor for tikis I'd say at least 20 or so throughout...

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bump to this for summer fun

Thanks for bumping. Hopefully heading that way this summer, so I may have to make a side-trip. :wink:

Cool! Heading out to Charlston next month! I'll drop by!




Seems like a cool place!
Hopefully Tiki Farm or Munktiki can help them out with some mugs though!
At least they got something to bring home!!

Good for them!

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