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Another Ocean Crossing in a Reed Boat

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Thor posted on Tue, Mar 18, 2003 9:24 PM

Sure, put a dove on your boat and everybody thinks you're a big shot. What about me?

Hello? Anybody?

I knew that if I died people would forget about Kontiki.

Ha, how odd that there is no mention of the paralells to Kon-Tiki, including the name, the international crew, etc.
This is actually nothing new. If I would have had more room in my book, I would have embellished the Thor Heyerdahl chapter with all his imitators, like the Mormon "Leahi" and many more, who had no timidity to fully try to imitate Thor's feat after Kon-Tiki was a world wide hit.
Go and check the "Nautical adventure" section in your local used book store, it's quite funny what a bunch of cooks were inspired to do like Thor at the time.

Yeah, I thought there might just be one or two follow-up attempts at the Kon-Tiki Expedition, but over time I've realised that there are dozens, with each one coming up with a daft little twist on the original. I guess it's become one of those hardy perennial projects like demonstrating how it was possible to move a maoi from the quarry to it's resting place on Easter Island.

Trader Woody


I had to go hunting for this stuff but I found a couple of pieces that mention the Kon-Tiki.

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Here's a book from 2002 "Eight men and a Duck" - 'On a fateful South American bus trip, journalist Nick thorpe overheard an improbable plan: to sail 2500 miles to Easter island on a boat made of reeds. Intrigued by this modern-day Kon-Tiki, he blagged his way on board only to find himself with nagging questions. Why did the crew include a tree surgeon, a jewellery salesman and a duck? What had happened to the navigator? Did anyone know how to sail?'

Oh, my aching sides.

Trader Woody

Then there is always the "Can-Tiki" expedition:



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