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Picture tour of Trader Vic's Atlanta location

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Just put this together. Click on "take a tour" http://www.magicmartini.com/hukilau/tradervics.htm


Excellent, what a great site. Good work


Did you take those pictures? They are nice. They manage to illuminate enough detail without wrecking the ambiance.

I have a few old postcards of tiki restaurants from way back when and something about them didn't seem right, including a shot of the China Trader in Toluca Lake, CA. I went there a lot as a kid, yet I don't even recognize it in the photo.

I figured out what was wrong - it was so damn bright in the pictures! Those old postcards are misleading because they don't impart the dark mystery that is at the heart of the appeal of these establishments. These TV Atlanta pictures are just right.


Great pix! I went to Trader Vics in Thailand last Jan. & it wasn't nearly as cool as that....


Thanks for all the pix- It does look great in there. Certainly better than BH or (dare I say it) Emeryville. But I think London and the dear departed DC locations may be cooler. That's all I can speak to.

Aaaah, sigh, so nice! Even the carpet seems to be original. The whole place just proves again that floor-to-ceiling complete coverage with exotica best sets the mood for an escapist experience. And that the beachcomber assemlage of lamps is a key ingredient to the mood. I hope I can make it to the Hukilau.


I'm glad my pics captured the ambiance. It's not due to any photographic skill on my part however... you can thank the folks at Canon for making nice digital cameras.

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