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need suggestions..bar matting, etc.

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The tiki bar is almost done-the next step is to get matting or bamboo stuff for the front and sides, and some kind of braided cordage or something to cover the edge of the plywood top.

Keep in mind that there is a crazy cat who may want to sharpen her claws on matting. So far we have a bamboo roll up blind from Home Depot for the sides and front, but I'm hoping to find something else.

Suggestions pleeeze! URLS!


Tacky Tiki

There's the old standby.... reed fencing from your local home improvement center, which would be cheap to replace should the cat fall in love with it... Oceanic Arts carries all types of woven matting, there are other suppliers too, check out KonaKai.com for source links for lots of stuff.

Oceanic Arts sells a braided sisal or jute edging, available pretty cheap.

If you're really worried about cat claw damage for the sides of the bar, I remember seeing a special order formica laminate available at Lowes (and probably most stores that sell countertops & such) that features a realistic bamboo surface.

Be sure to check out konakai.com, loads of links for suppliers of about anything you'd need to create your home Tiki bar.


When you're emotionally and financially ready, you must take a drive down to Oceanic Arts. It's really (though a little pricey on things) your one-stop-shop.

(Plus Ben! Sorry Ben!)

But- the good news for you is that the answer to your wall covering problems are much closer:


in Benicia will have everything you need. Now, they're not terribly helpful, and the place is closed all the time...but they have great stuff. That's where I got all the woven wall matting you saw in my bar. Plus bamboo in all sizes. It's a big warehouse in the industrial part of Benicia with a good selection. Check it out!

And don't forget the reed fence at Home Depot. Easy and cheap. Like Al said in another thread, it's a good idea to mix up varying textures and materials to keep the place interesting.



You also might want to think about split bamboo to cover the edges of plywood.

Also- expect that you'll have to cut and trim everything from bamboo bridge yourself.


Mahalo for the info-I have contacted Oceanic Arts for sisal or jute braid.

Where does one get split bamboo? And, more importantly, how the heck do you cut bamboo? We don't have a power saw! And for what I've heard, a hacksaw or regular wood saw won't cut it. I've been eyeing the bamboo at Yardbirds and want to make a corner 'palm tree' with bamboo as the trunk kinda like the one in PAD. The fronds would overhang the bar in the corner, with the fishnet extending along the vaulted ceiling beyond the fronds. I'll get pictures when we're done!

Well, off to work, then off to the local tiki bar, then off to myfavorite store in Sacramento-Swanbergs! If you haven't been there, you need to go!


Tacky Tiki

Tacky-T, you can also pick up split bamboo at OA. Try the supplier that Martin mentioned above as well. Cutting bamboo is easy with a hack saw. That's how I cut mine.

You can also split bamboo yourself using a hammer and chisel. Once you get it started it will naturally start to split. We used a hacksaw to but ours and it worked great. You save money if you split it yourself usually and it's not too hard, just a little time consuming. Good luck!


I have split many bamboo poles and have just used a handsaw. It took awhile but it can be done. I split it using a large knife. One word of caution. Bamboo splinters- there is a reason why they used them to torture people. They hurt like hell. So you might want to where gloves if you split it or cut it.


If you just want to order the stuff and have it show up on your door TikiBosko can help...


Tacky Tiki, you could have your cat declawed. After installing new drapes and furniture, we had no other choice.

I would never do that. I sure wouldn't want the last joint of my fingers cut off! If Cinnamon still lived with me instead of AudreyTiki, she would learn not to claw things by 'squirt gun method'-that's what I did with my sofa, and she doesn't claw the sofa now! But Mom thinks it's cruel to squirt her with water. Cinnamon is a quick learner-she would get about 2 squirts and never touch the bar again!

We are trying a bamboo roll up shade from Home Depot. It is one of the more expensive ones and really looks good. The only problem is trying to attach it to the pegboard. Masonite is darn hard stuff! Hopefully AudreyTiki has figured it out and it will be all attached by the time I go over there again!


Tacky Tiki

For super-smooth bamboo cuts, try a Japanese razor saw (and rotate as you cut to prevent splintering). They cut on the draw stroke and have much finer blades than western saws. They can be found at big hardware stores or at nurseries.

...also look at http://www.gardners.com...got their catalog today....they sell bamboo, lashing cord, and a fine toothed Bamboo Saw.....

Tacky Tiki, I used lauhalla matting for the front of my bar, and my scratch-happy cats never went at it. I may have just been lucky, though. It was super-cheap, and I just used carpet adhesive to attach it. I got it at a local display supply store.

As an aside, have you seen the little plastic claw covers they have these days? I first saw them on a friend's cat -- they just super-glue right on their claws, and they come off eventually as the nail layers naturally shed. The resident cat at the vet's office had them, too. I think that cat was quite old and needed to be protected from himself, though. It still seemed too unpleasant to me, so I never tried it on my cats.

I need a favor from a west coast or southwest tikiphile...I want some of the infamous Home Depot reed or bamboo fencing for both my backyard and indoor decor. However, the Home Depots here in Wisconsin don't carry it. If I can get the sku# of the product and the store# of the store that has it, they can have it sent to my local HD. I have found many places where I can order it online (such as http://butlerbamboo.com/fences.html), but the shipping costs are HUGE. More than the product cost, usually.

I need about 30 ft. of it, approx 4' high, for the backyard. Indoors, I can cut whatever to fit, but I only need around 10 ft. of it.

Can someone please please please spy out these products at their local home depot? I need size and length stats, plus the skus and the store #. I have other friends in CA that I could send scouting, but I know that you all will know exactly what I am looking for. I will send you a gift for your kindness!

Alternately, if anyone knows a place in Chicago that has it, please let me know. I will be so thankful.

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