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tiki carving troubles

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I grabbed some pieces of a palm tree that someone was tossing out (wish I could have stopped the guy before he had sliced the poor tree into thousands of segments). I didn't really study the pieces of palm that I was grabbing... I was just excited and threw a bunch in my car and came home.

The outside layer of the palm is really fiberous and leafy, so I took and ax and tried to hack some of the crap off of it. That gave way to more leafy crap, and eventually I got to a white layer that was even more fiberous, kinda like the inside of a pumpkin. Upon reaching this layer, I decided that this palm wood may not be for carvin'. Now I have to toss out all the gosh darn pieces of palm that I grabbed from "the guy."

What sorts of palm are good for making tikis?????

Kahaka, try to find palms that haven't absorbed a lot of water. They suck it up like a sponge if they are near a sprinkler system. Try carving redwood too. Check out the "Carving Post" below. Lots of useful info there. Good luck.

I like carving mex fan palms myself. KAHAKA, try going down alittle farter, maybe 3/8 of an inch.

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