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Don The Beachcomber-1937

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Aloha all....I was looking through some books on modern archetecture and found this photo in one on L.A. in the 30's, in a section titled "Imagery and it's uses: Commercial"....

Caption says Don The Beachcomber 1937

This one was in the section on "Imagery and it's uses: The House"...

Caption reads Maharaja of Indare house, Santa Anita 1939

Hard to see small matchstick size bamboo matting on walls, rattan couches, rattan fireplace surround with panther and leaf carvings above mantle....where is this stuff now?.....Need to get a scanner.....

Great photo, exteriors of the McCadden Beachcomber are hard to find. I would love to have a copy of it. It was kind of unspectacular, but....
to think that I lived just up the Street from it when I moved to LA in the early 80s (by the Hollywood Bowl) and must have driven by it on a daily basis (on Highland Ave.) without ever going in still pains me to this day. Arrrgh!

Bigbro....drop me an email if you want a copy. Don't have a scanner but Mrs. Fury may be able to copy it at work....

Another artist's rendering of what I assume is the Hollywood "Don The Beachcomber's" restaurant:



The interior looks more interesting than the exterior.

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