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Thatch Tiki Bar, Portland, OR (bar)

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Name:Thatch Tiki Bar
Street:2733 NE Broadway

Thatch is a Tiki Bar cobbled together from some famous parts, the booths are from Amet and Davis' Denny's. The tiki gods are from the Jasmine Tree which came out of Stephan Crane's Kon Tiki.

Drinks are designed by Zorn, one of the top bartenders in the state.

New mugs being made for us are about to be released.

I love Thatch! I mean love it! I go way too much. In fact, I even went there last night. I wasn't going to let a little snow stop me! I took lots of pictures of Thatch in the snow. I will post them later today.

Can't wait for the mugs! I saw the drawing of the first one and it looked great!

Robertiki, did you really think that your Thatch bar wasn't cool enough to be already listed under Locating Tiki?

Of course it was!

Bring on the mods...

We had a ton of fun last night bundling up and getting over to Thatch. Angie was great sending out messages to let us all know that they were open and that she had the tiki torches lit for everyone. There was no one else there when we first got there, but by the time we left the place had three other groups of people. Most were ordering warm drinks like the Jasmine Tree coffee. We started with our usual, mai tais!

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New mugs coming soon...WOO-HOO!


I was at Thatch just before tax day and was told the mugs would be available in May. Does anyone have any newer information?

I wouldn't hold your breath on that one. I've been told they would be available each month from the owner since December. One of my best friends is a bartender there and she will let me know exactly when they really are going to be in.


Business Card I picked up in May 2009:

The mugs have finally arrived! Starting the moment Thatch opens at 4 p.m. on July 1, Thatch Tiki Bar will begin selling highly anticipated Marquesan Baby Eater mugs. Come get it with a special cocktail created especially for the mug. Best tiki outfit gets a FREE mug.

More info can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=95738393239&ref=mf

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oooh-nice--you must bring me one down when you come to visit, even though I didn't get to enjoy a "real" drink there! :wink:


One of the advantages of working so damn early in the morning (4 am) is that I can make the early bird specials! Can't wait for Wednesday!

FYI...the Facebook link goes nowhere. But maybe I'm doing something wrong on my end. I'm using my daughter's FB account 'cuz I don't have one, and she's under 21. Would that kick me out of that FB page?

It could just be FB. I re-did the link and it may work now. If not, I posted the same info on my blog: http://ourtikilife.blogspot.com/ I will be there at 4!


Very cool mug...I like that's it's pretty unique from other stuff that's out there. See you at 4!

Yeah, it's done from the first of their baby eater tikis that are behind the bar. Robert says that they will make all three of them. We will see....

I was at Thatch last night and got a sneak peak of the new menu. It looks great! It will be revealed Wednesday night, as well.

Thatch tiki bar crew: I was in Portland last week, stopped in, bought a mug, took a few pics, the guys behind the counter were very nice, thanks for the aloha!!!


Hmmm, stopped in at 12:15 on a Saturday, and they were closed already... bummed.

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