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tahiti cove sarasota florida

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Aloha all,

Today, while cleaning out my mother's house in preparation for moving her to an assisted living facility, I came across my grandfather's old address book, which goes back to the 60's.

He and his wife retired sometime in the mid-late 60's to Florida. I was thumbing through the book when I came across this listing:

Tahiti Cove, 314 Venetian Drive, Sarasota.

The name Russell Larkin was linked to it, so maybe he was a friend who worked there/managed/owned it, or whatever. No idea.

I did a search through TC and could not find any info about this.

So--just curious--anybody know anything?


[ Edited by: tikivixen on 2003-03-23 22:45 ]

All of the old phone books from the period should be on microfilm at the library.

This one is new to me...

Damn, my book is out of date already.


Hey, I live next door to Sarasota. In a town North of it called Bradenton. And have lived here over 20something years and have never heard of it. So I think it dates back. I'll see what I can find out...

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