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Where can I buy a real TAPA?

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I have tried to find an authentic tapa to proudly display in my tikinesian room. What I found was very limited and ranged from an overpriced art gallery in the US to foreign companies who don't answer the emails that I send.

Do any of you know where I can find a SELECTION of tapa that is reasonably priced?


Da Monkeyman

I can sometimes find very large vintage tapa at a really good price on ebay.... I know Al (alnshely) have a source for tapa.



Now is a good time to bring this topic up again...I spoke with Bob at Oceanic Arts earlier this week, wanting to add a tapa on my tab, and he told me that they no longer have a source for tapa cloth. Their supplier in Fiji retired and now I'm tapaless...where can I get a 3'X 3' tapa???


Bensons Imports in Huntington Beach had a selection of them last time I was there. Not sure if that is still the case. I purchased one that was 3x5 for about $50

They were all the Fijian style tapa.


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