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Hawaii - Maui - Hana hotel recommendations?

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I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the thread.

Anyone have recommendations of where to stay in Hana on Maui? I looked at the Treehouses and they're currently closed.

Thank in advance,



How long will they be closed? I just heard about those from tikiMaxton and I was thinking of staying in one on my next trip to Hawaii.

I can't answer your question because I have not been to Maui but the Moon Travel Handbook Hawaii guide is a good book for lodging recommendations.

I'm not sure how long they'll be closed, and I don't even know if there is more than one of these types of treehouse places. We just emailed the one I found on the internet, I'll ask my girlfriend about how long they'll be closed for.

By the way, when I said "hotel" I meant places to stay in general, whether its cabins or condos, hotels, or treehouses.


the first link is to the hana treehouses. tiki emi & i stayed there - definitely recommend! bummer if they're closed.

the other links are mostly restaurants. however, i think mama's fish house has accomodations. & the humuhumu restaurant is at the grand wailea mega-resort. but these 2 accomodations are not in hana.

good luck.







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Any new info on the treehouses? Does anyone one have any recommendations on a nice, clean "resonably" priced place to stay in or around Hana. I was thinking about the treehouses but they never return emails, makes me a little worried about staying in one. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks :D

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There are reviews of some condos, hotels, etc. here. Hope that helps.


On almost any trip like this, I search for the Chamber of Commerce and tell them I am interested in buying a house in that area.
They then send me a list of all the Agents in that area. Then I contact the Agents and get a list of their rental properties.
The last time we did this on Kauai, we ended up in a 1400 square foot house at the Anini beach area by Princeville. Big liv. room and kitchen combo upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs. We had use of beach toys and a rope swing on the front porch.
$99.00 a night.
Good luck

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