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San Andros Beach Club, Morgans Bluff, Andros Island, Bahamas (bar)

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Name:San Andros Beach Club
City:Morgans Bluff, Andros Island

This was a Tiki type bar/restaurant that was built in the 1960's in an uninhabited area of Andros Island, Bahamas. The club was built as part of a huge real estate development called San Andros. The development never really panned out, but the club survived for awhile on its own. The club building was an open, tall structure of logs and thatched palms with tiki torches and rope hand rails along the waterfront.
I have visited this site many times over the years, and took some picture, which I will post if I can find them. There is still a few remnants of the club left, but the last 4 hurricanes have pretty much finished off the structure. The overall feel of the place was that cool 60's tiki vibe, and a great waterfront location. Lots of thatch and bamboo. There is a huge anchor set in rocks along the waterfront. There are postcards of the site, but none as yet, that show the club. There were a few carved tikis there, but time, and the huge local termites, did them in many years ago.

This was a really cool place, with a beautiful view. Near by to Henry Morgan's old pirate hangout, Morgans Bluff. When we are on the boat, in the area, we alway stop by and have a cookout and play a little Uke on the old patio area. There was little tiki in the Bahamas, but some leaked in during the height of the tiki craze.
There was also a tiki place in Nassau, but I can't recall its name.

Thanks for the info, Bahama Don. I've done some research work on Andros (North & South), but didn't realize there had once been a tiki bar there.

I've also heard of this one in Grand Bahama:

... as well as ones in Trinidad and Haiti. I don't think I've heard of the one in Nassau. I hope you can find your old photos. I'd really like to see what the San Andros Beach Club looked like.

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