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RE: Cheap Bamboo Picture Frames

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Hi Assorted Tiki Experts: Anybody out there in Tiki land know where I can score some cheap Bamboo picture frames? 16 x 20 size would be ideal. Thanks in advance. MrHawaii

Are you talking about the 'Cheap Bamboo Frame EVENT'?

Yes, Bong, haven't your heard about that event? You probably missed the update on the war on the "Collecting Tiki" board.


Thanks for your input, but I don't understand the answer. I have some prints that would be perfect framed in a tiki bamboo style. I'm getting quoted $50.00+ for a plastic bamboo frame. Gots to be a cheaper deal out there in Tiki land. I don't know what you mean by event. I live in Costa Mesa so there's got to be some OC tiki lords out there!! Yours in Tiki Mrhawaii


Aloha, MrHawaii,
Come visit me and I'll set you up...don't you dare purchase that cheap plastic stuff...does a picture noooooo good.
See you soon in our store.
Aloha and mahalo.
Mrs. Bamboo.
712 Yorktown Ave
Huntington Beach
714 960 1860
Saturdays: 10:00'ish to sunset'ish
Sundays: 11:00'ish to 4:00'ish

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MrHawaii, you posted this message in the Tiki Events forum. That way their little Hoity Toity way to point that out to you. It probably should have went in the Main Forum, or perhaps the Collecting forum. But for sure not the Tiki Events forum.

No big deal -- I'll move it later on for you.

Everyone else: Pretend this post in is the Main forum until I move it (then you won't have to pretend).



Sorry for the mistake. Thanks for the input. Mrhawaii

In college I saw some films of Warhol's 1967 "Cheap Bamboo Frame Event". It happened at the Factory and of course everyone who was anyone was there and it looked completely boring.

Try Aaron Bros. They have Two style of Faux Bamboo frames and a cool tahitian style.

I am bumping this post in case anyone has recently found a source for wholesale bamboo frames. I am looking for a number of 16 x 20"ers.

I can make em for you. Check out my thread here for a sample.


I use real bamboo. Its not a composite material.

I can make it any size you want.

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Your frames are definately on my radar, but what I need now are simple (cost effective) bamboo frames to offer with my limited edition prints. I'm shooting for $40 or under.

I have an idea for an oil painting that would need a monkeyman frame, but for now that's down on my list of projects.

I sent you a PM. I can beat your $40 target. These would be bamboo and not carved frames

I recently saw a product that makes great tiki picture frames.

It called Duracane, and its PVC plastic bamboo. It's the same color and shape as natural bamboo it just hollow down the center like a pipe. It's so real look it hard to tell it from real untill you touch it.

The frame was make by cutting four pieces at 45 degree angles with a mitre saw, cutting a slot along the inside edge to hold the picture and reassembling it around the picture and glass with PVC pipe cement.

Good luck

Thanks Capn,

But Monkeyman came through with the real thing.


and its PVC plastic bamboo

"Hooray" Booooo! Sorry, but that's just not right.
Go Monk....your frames are cool.

Here's the real deal from Bamboo Ben.

Bought them last year during the big sale. Perfect for my vintage menus.

Mahalo Mrs. Boo!

You won't find these anywhere else.



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