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The Kona Crisp, Santa Clarita, CA (restaurant)

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Name:The Kona Crisp
Street: 24341 Magic Mountain Pkwy
City:Santa Clarita
Phone:(661) 287-3123

The Kona Crisp is a fairly new restaurant, serving the typical lunch crowd. The location has around 10 booths and 8 tables. Seating can accommodate parties 4-10. Menu items include such Hawaiian themed food as:

Kailua Pork (pulled-pork) Sandwiches
Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) 1/3lb Burgers
Crisp Mahi Mahi Basket
Southern Kona Chicken Salad

The tiki decorations are few, but there is a carved-palm tiki in residence, bamboo covered ceiling fans, Hawaiian print-covered booth backs, vintage "island travel" posters, and decent music. Lunch combo (sweet potato fries and drink) averages about $12. There is usually a line (5-8 people) to order if arriving after Noon for lunch.

Their history (according to website):

The best years of A.J Parker’s life were spent running a small restaurant in a little beach shack located somewhere along the beautiful Kona Coast. That little shop was known far and wide for its incredible, BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers, crispy Kettle fries, fresh salads, and ice cream shakes.

The story goes that A.J Parker spent his teen years traveling the world with his father during the 1940s. A.J loved to cook just a bit more than he loved to eat. Everywhere he traveled he sought out the special culinary treats from that part of the world.

Parker’s early years in the Southern States fired his passion for smoky BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers and crisp, kettle-cooked fish . AJ learned to make perfectly crisp “Chicken Katsu” and flavorful Asian-style salads during a stint in the Far East. A little time in Mexico stirred his passion for spicy sauces.

After cooking, A.J’s next greatest love was surfing. The end of the War brought him to Hawaii, where he decided to linger. In 1948 Parker found himself thinking about his future on a strip of perfect beach along the Kona Coast. Naturally, he began doing the things he knew best – cooking and surfing. With a little practice and some island influence, Parker perfected his recipes for his “Big Island BBQ,” fresh crisp salads, and crisp French fries and “The Kona Crisp” was born.

Word soon traveled and before he knew it people were clamoring from all over just to get a taste of his Big Island BBQ, crispy Kettle fries, and other tasty treats.

We understand that another love lured A.J. away from that beautiful strip of beach and back to Southern California. And although no one is quite sure where he is today, we’re certain he’s making people happy serving up Big Island BBQ in a place a lot like The Kona Crisp.


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