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OLD Tony's on the Pier

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I plan to go here this weekend. Is it worth eating lunch here, is there a recommended drink of choice, and where is the best spot to sit.
thank you


I have been there a few times for lunch, I can't say from my expierience that the drinks or food were great. It's the atmosphere that I dug the most. Try to get a table by the sliding glass doors, the seagulls might become abit bothersome, but going by your name, I don't think you'll mind! Lol! Although the seafood wasn't bad, it just wasn't great.
There are others here that live in the area and know more about Tony's than I do, I don't remember seeing any Tiki's (but I wasn't looking), Tony's seemed more old nautical in vibe than anything else.
I would love to hear what others think about this place too. Have fun!

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The seafood is pretty good - it comes fresh from "Tony's Fish Market", just a few steps away - but definitely take your drinks upstairs at the "Top O' Tony's", a.k.a. 'the Crow's Nest' (that's a picture of the Crow's Nest & the outside stairs in DawnTiki's post). Go in from the restaurant level and go up the inside stairs instead so you can view the 'signed photo gallery of celebs' that decorates the walls on your way up...

The decor in the Crow's Nest is a little sparse - basically just 6 HUGE beachcomber lamps - (well, that's because it's ALL windows = great view!), but Tony's itself below has all the hallmarks of an authentic beachcomber resto that's been around for more than 50 years. No tikis, but the ambience is very relaxing and comfortable.

Although it's pineapple-based, their Mai Tai is tasty and is probably your best bet (and it comes in their 50-year anniversary glass, too!)

If you're a beer drinker, be sure to check out Naja's, just a short walk down the boardwalk: 777 different kinds of beer, almost 100 of them on tap (but no New Zealand Kiwi Lager!! Arrgghh..)

Tony's will definitely be a stop on the South Bay Tiki Crawl, whenever we get around to doing one! Definitely let us know what you think!

was just there 3 sats ago and had shark and blue hawaiians. kick ass!. tell them well done on the shark and coconut rum and no sweet and sour in the blue H.you will love life.

the wife and i went fri afternoon to watch the sunset(tiki ti on vac!). i had to school the bartender on a scorpion, but the mai tais ROCK!!!!.best damn sunsets ever from the crows nest!.cool joint.

I used to go to Tony's when I lived in Phoenix. I couldn't stand to be land-locked after growing up 2 blocks from the SF Bay, so we would rent a car and drive across to Hermosa Beach for the weekend. We had stacks and stacks of the glasses they give away with the mai tais. I remember them being really good, but after a few, who knows? Once we went over to check out the fish market and I almost walked off the dock-I mean I really almost went for a major swim! Just a few too many mai tais! Or not, since I recovered my balance at the last second and was still a happy drunk...

The view is fantastic-great sunsets!

:drink: :drink:

Tacky Tiki

Kinda pissed that I couldn't be out at Mondo Tiki today, so I did a quick trek to the local thrift store before coming home with groceries , and found 3 Tony's On The Pier glasses. I searched the database on TC and didn't find any pictures of them, so I thought I'd post a few in case someone wanted to see what they look like. The raised graphics go all the way around the glass.

I found 3 for .50c each.

love this place!. we gotta take this place over!

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