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Possible Tiki Bar in Philly?

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A new restaurant called The Kona Kai has opened on Roosevelt Blvd. in NE Philly. The sign says its a bamboo lounge and Polynesian restaurant. Two big fake palm trees at the door. I havent seen the place, my husband just drove by it a few minutes ago and reported this. I called the restaurant and asked if they had any tiki statues, and the lady said "yes". She also said they serve Polynesian food and have a Japanese hibachi. I am going to go there as soon as I can and check it out. My husband fears its a Jimmy Buffett style place and he warned it will never be the same as the Mai Kai or the Bahooka or the Tiki Ti, and thats probably right but the lady did say yes when asked about tikis. So I will report back to TC! In the meantime, has anyone been there???

Make Mine A Mai Tai!

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Strange. There was a rumor here of a new one in Pittsburg a while ago, but nobody has reported going there yet:


Where on Roosevelt Blvd is this place? What is it close to? If they have built it, I will come...

Tiki Head, My husband said this Kona Kai place is in NE Philly on Roosevelt, kind of near the Franklin Mills Mall. It is in a building that used to house a bar/restaurant called Ye Old Ale House, which was a train/railroad themed place. The Kona Kai's phone number is 215-673-5002. They say "Aloha Kona Kai" when they answer the phone. (hope springs eternal...let there be tikis!)I hope to get up there to check it out in the next week. Please report back if you go there, thanks!

TG, dont forget to bring your camera!

On 2003-03-26 17:16, thejab wrote:
Strange. There was a rumor here of a new one in Pittsburg a while ago, but nobody has reported going there yet:

I thibnk I missed that thread the first time around; I just posted a little bit about the place in that thread.


All right! This is news to me, I have gotten plenty of ale at The Ye Olde in my day, they had train signals guarding the entrances like big moais :wink:

I am most def going to check this place out. Any little Polynesia in this tiki-less wasteland must be nortured so it may blossom!

Last nite my husband and I went to the Kona Kai and I am pleased to report there are TIKIS! The decor is bamboo and rattan, and it is a pretty good effort all things considered. I will take what I can get here in Penna, believe me. The ouside of the building is just stucco, but there are 2 square cement tikis outside. Inside there are fishing nets on the ceiling and bamboo poles on the walls, along with grass mat type wall covering. The lights are wrapped in burlap, not tapa cloth. No puffer fish, no glass floats. There is an indoor koi pond. There are 2 tikis at the bandstand and a few on the walls. There are also some Inca wall hangings, which arent tiki but hey, youve got to start somewhere. Drinks are expensive and some are served in tiki mugs. The mugs are like the kind you get at urban outfitters, except the Kona Kai is charging between $10 and $13 for the mug, sans beverage. If you buy one they immediately commit you to the asylum! Major rip off. The mai tais are very sweet, made with rum and sour mix. Cocktail umbrellas in the drinks and on the food. The place is more of a restaurant than a bar and even though it cannot compete with what Calif. has to offer it is pretty good for us tiki-starved northerners. Food is expensive and ok, not great. Not bad either. Polynesian revue on Sat nites, according to a sign. We saw a reggae band, which is island themed at least. Before the band came on they were playing EXOTICA and DON HO and old Hawaiian slack guitar! I was impressed! There is alot of thatch over the ceiling too, creating a hut where the tables are. I need to bring my camera when I go back there. I dont mean to sound like I am knocking the place, I was excited to be there and I had a good time and I enjoyed the atmosphere. I just want to warn the purists that it is not the Mai Kai.

Thanks for the review Tiki Goddess.

I'll be in Philly in May and will try to get over there if I get a chance.

Wow! In Philly no less! I'm up for a road trip besides it's only an hour away!! Thanks for the review!

If anyone wants to meet up at the Kona Kai let me know! I am always up for a mai tai!

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