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Celeb sighting at Trader Vic's, Beverly Hills

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As I was entering Trader Vic's to meet Wierd Uncle Tiki on Thursday night but who should be leaving, Phyllis Diller!


Last time I met Wierd Uncle Tiki at Trader Vic's I saw Robert Wagner. Thats right, Dr. Evil's no. 2.

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This MUST be a Weird Uncle Tiki thing! I'll sum up a post I made on the old Yahoo club:

While tippling some grog at Trader Vic's Beverly Hills on a relaxed Wednesday evening, who should I spot glancing my way? That's right, Laugh-In regular and Muppet consort Ruth Buzzi. She had a sly gleam in her eye which suddenly gave me the urge to order a Missionary's Downfall. At a large table inside, I spied famous redhead and star of television's 1989 movie "Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon," Jayne Meadows. Now I was impressed for sure but not ready for what came next. My gaze was suddenly commanded by a parade of seven similarly dressed, hairstyled, and cartoonishly large-breasted young women heading for the door. Bringing up the rear of this spectacle was none other than Hef himself. As he reached the valet he shook hands with and waved at well-wishers before slipping his entourage into a waiting white limousine. Not a bad night for action in Beverly Hills. Stay tuned!


Last tme I was at TVBH I saw Robert Stack coming in while I was on my way out. Looks like the Beverly Hills Trader Vic's is a good place for celeb sightings.

Of course, it was much better actually neeting and shaking hands with (even sitting at the table with briefly) Tony Curtis at Crustaceans, also in Beverly Hills. Crustaceans doesn't really count as a tiki bar, although it does have that little stream running through it with Coy fish. I never saw any tikis, there, nor did I order anything like a Mai Tai or a Missionary's Downfall.

Ok, it wasn't at Trader Vics, but it does fit in with the era that some of the stars listed above were from. While on a jobsite yesterday, I was walking in from lunch, and was surprised to find myself walking past Red Buttons!
Any man who comes up with the line;" He's the guy who goes to an orgy, and complains about the cheese dip." Is a genius in my book.
Maybe I'll see him and Phyllis at Trader Vics one day.


At TVs in Emeryville, I once had the extreme displeasure of running into TVs regular and Raiders owner Al Davis. You can just feel the evil surrounding this man. His wife has been pulled so tight surgically she can't blink, and Al looks like a human skull dipped in canola oil.

It's enough to put a man off his mai tai.


mig posted on Mon, Jun 10, 2002 11:47 AM

Apparently TV's Beverly Hills is an energy center for yesterday's B-grade stars. The only time I've been there, it was graced by the presence of both Pauly Shore and the blonde daughter from "Too Close for Comfort".

The last time I was at the TVBH, I ran into Bruce Vilanch. Ick.

While whooping it up last night at Trader Vic's Beverly Hills, who did we SPY sitting in a chair near the door? Would you believe.... Don Adams! Yes, Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, Inspector Gadget, Tennessee Tuxedo, Love Boat regular, Don Rickles' cronie, TV Icon Don Adams. He was sitting cross-armed by the door looking quite dour. There were two young women who seemed to be with him, but sitting across from him on a sofa. They also sat cross-armed and seemed equally as unhappy. Did Don and his companions have the tiki spirit? Perhaps they..... missed it by that much.

-Weird Uncle Tiki

p.s. After this in-person spotting, we toured the hallway that leads from Trader Vic's into the Beverly Hilton where Merv displays photos of himself with celebrities. One of them was with a tennis-playing (and here smiling) Don Adams.

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I was never there, but I hear Robert Blake actually shot his wife behind Trader Vics because one of the Tiki Gods told him to and then he drug the body to where the cops found it. Al Capone was killed in the same spot also I hear. You can hear some wierd shit in Kokomo, MS!


I never heard of half these people, and I wouldn't even recognize most of the rest!

I guess it's an LA thing...


Sounds like Trader Vic's is where they would find guests for Hollywood Squares!


On 2002-12-11 13:04, tikibars wrote:
I guess it's an LA thing...

What?! I guess i'm older than I thought. I don't consider Phyllis Diller - Robert Wagner - Ruth Buzzi - Jayne Meadows - Robert Stack - Don Adams, etc an LA thing so much as a TV Generation/POP culture thing.


Hell, I know who they are, and I grew up watching the CBC and the PBS station from Buffalo, NY! Dr. Who, anyone?

(Now if someone spotted some Daleks at a Trader Vic's, THAT would be cool!)

I'm not one to care about celebs or famous people much but if I saw Ruth Buzzi in person I would just about faint.

Sid and Marty Krofft's LOST SAUCER will forever be burned into my head. If only Jim Nabors were around for a reunion show.

Hmmmm. I would kill to see a tiki-themed show produced by Sid & Marty Krofft, where all the Tikis are those big puppet costumes ala Pufnstuf. Land of the Lost Tikis!



Speaking of Hollywood Squares, this week on Hollywood Squares the celebrities are past game show hosts like Peter Marshall, Jim Lang, etc.

Jim Lang is also the morning DJ on KABL AM 960 here in the San Francisco Bay Area. KABL plays pop standards of the 40s, 50s, 60s, with some more recent stuff mixed in (unfortunately). Once and a while they play "Quiet Village".

On 2002-12-11 13:40, tikifish wrote:
Dr. Who, anyone?

They filmed an episode of Dr Who (Tom Baker at the time) in the next village along. The pub there has a little section of photos taken at the time. They also filmed him jumping off the roof of the building where I work! (Sadly long before I started work there). It's just like Beverley Hills Trader Vic's around here....

Trader Woody

i missed some hollywood hot shots!, o damn that boring decor,DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!!!!!!!.NOT A SINGLE LIT UP FLOAT!!!!,NO PUFFER FISH!!!. who sucked the life out of this place anyway?

Let us not forget "Ark 2" and "Sigmund and the Sea Monster"....... The Krooooft Suuuupah Shooow

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Last week sitting at the bar near us was Paris Hilton...... I know I know, I am sorry!.


& all we got to see the last time we were there was Ken Starr in he dining room.....

But at least we got some great "trial" (no charge...!) MaiTais from a cool bartender who was trying out a variety of different rums to see how they would taste in the signature drink.

Martiki had many celebrity sightings while bartending at the SF Trader Vic's, but he's not talking.

I once saw Huell Howser leaving Tiki Ti - but I was still in my car - didn't get a chance to say hello.


Just read this from a Bill Maher interview in the current issue of Rolling Stone:

We take a short cut behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, passing Trader Vic's. "When I was a gay blade, wooing young starlets, that was one of my favorite spots, " Maher says. "It was great, those sweet tropical drinks. You give them one, and they'd be oozing out of their seats."

WoooHooo! SoccerTiki and I met Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris)at BH Trader Vic's. Doogie loves Tiki and met Tiki Ray the same night :)

I was wondering if there was any Golden Globe coverage at Trader Vic's?

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