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eBay: The Tree Brain - Handmade mug by VanTiki

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Aloha Folks!

Happy to report a new mug has just left the shores of VanTiki island: The Tree Brain.

Deep in the jungles of VanTiki island the natives discovered two trees sporting a curious throbbing orange brain. Curiouser still were the effects of the sap that slowly trickled from the base of the brains on anyone who drank it. Throughout the centuries, the brain’s sap was used by elders to see into the future and commune with the spirit world. The trees on which the brains grew were carved into idols, and travelers came from all over the globe to sip the mystical Brain Juice.

This mug is HUGE! In fact, it is more pitcher than mug. It even has a spout!

VanTiki mug page:

eBay page:

New studio time-lapse video!

And VanTiki is on facebook! Become a fan (if you dare) -


Your a clay ANIMAL! Gooooooo VanTiki!!!

Good Lord Van, looks like you will be able to retire off this one mug, cheers man!


Another awesome design!

Jealous to whoever wins this for sure!

Someone want's this guy bad! It's at over $1000 and has almost 3 days to go! Another awesome creation from Vantiki and I am proud owner of one:)


Mahalo everyone!

I must admit I am quite blown away at the direction this auction is heading. I credit the tie-in with thesneeze.com 100%!

Just a heads up that the auction ends tomorrow - I know I'll be getting up early to see the results :) Will be glazing new mugs this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled.

Henrik "VanTiki"


HOLY MOLEY! Time to take mama out and buy her a dress :)

Right on H!

:o SsweeetT VT! :o You've come a looong way baby!! My guess... your collectors aren't concerned with the $20-$50 shipping fees from HI that you once worried about? :wink: Many kudos & much respect. :D


Very well done, You deserve every penny on your awesome work, I bet the next one will sell high too, There where a couple of people willing to go over 1k for your mug, Again very well done, Cheers to you! Gogo



I am still totally amazed by the whole experience. Jonsey - I STILL freak out about shipping fees - I only charged $40 to ship this one (even though it cost me a lot more) :) Packed it like an egg ready to be dropped off a balcony in a high school physics class - 16" box! I'll be chewing my nails non-stop till the box arrives and I get my feedback.

Thank you so much you guys for the support, and more importantly, the inspiration! TC no ka oi!


at that price....shipping should have been free!!!!

Wow...I was watching this and just could not believe it.

Congrats to BOTH VanTiki and the winning bidder.

All I can say is WOW. That is just awesome...I'm not convinced almost $1500 worth of awesome (for me), but damn - that is great!


You know as a person rich in love for your work but poor in the old bank account department I have to say that given endless funds I would be all about paying such a high price for your work. I think its well deserved and worth every penny. Congrats on that amazing auction VT!

Wish I could afford a bad boy like that. Maybe if you make mini mugs, more of us non-richies could collect your fabulous work! Congrats on your auction!

tree brain tiki

Here is a photo since the earlier ones are missing or broken.

Also, here is a write-up about the project:


My pleasure!

So much fun to dig through past threads and uncover new stuff or fill in the gaps where needed.

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