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Marion's annual Kahiki tribute

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Hi all,
Haven't posted here in a while, but I'm glad to see Tiki Central going strong.
I was wondering if anyone here has been to Marion's annual Kahiki tribute in NYC? I'd like to go this summer and possibly meet up with some fellow tikiphiles. Also, any new NYC tiki joints? I don't think I'll get to Vegas again this year to see if Taboo Cove has improved its music selection.
Our new Tiki Lounge seems to be going well here in Pittsburgh, though they're fond of playing hip-hop on certain nights. Nice selection of mugs and wonderful 2 floor waterfall.
Also, just picked up the Sven-Tiki "Book of Tiki" mug, and it puts a smile on my face.
Thank goodness spring is here and hot tiki-like weather will soon be upon us.
I hope to visit Tiki Central more regularly again. Hey fellow Pittsburghers here? Drop me a line.

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Marion's is totally worth the trip, + lots of good stuff on the NYC Tiki scene now. When you coming up?


marion's is a must for the summer. I recommend Mondays when the pontani sisters dance for the dinner crowd. check out both their websites when the tiki season approaches.
there are several threads for NYC tiki with more detailed info and I would be happy to hang out with you at any of these places. NYC tiki includes:
Otto's shrunken head
waikiki Wally's
Zombie Hut
Lei under Niagara Bar
and you might call this a tiki bar, but I don't, Tiki Room

Inky and i are working on a guide to NYC Tiki which will be available in time for the Hukilau. until then, previous posts should be able to fill in the gaps.

Tommy, my girlfriend just got back from Vegas. After going to the Cove for the second time, she said that the music is the same hip hop bullsht and the bartenders were doing the played out fire blowing and bottle juggling. Cool to see once; after that I just want my drink, quit fcking around with the liquor bottles and pour me something.

She said that the drinks were poured wrong (gross) and even worse were the bartenders feeding strawberries to and licking whipped cream off some trampy chick customers.

We'll be there again soon for Mondo, and I know if we complain in numbers, something will change (at least for that night). I do know that if I go there with Hula Hula though, we'll be treated right and have a blast.


Kahiki tribute? What is this?

Marion's is a great retro restaurant/lounge that during the summer convert their menu and their decor to celebrate Tiki and more specific the Kahiki. Monday noghts the Potani Sister, a burlesque troupe of very cute and talented gals perform excellent dancing demonstrations....that's it! keep your eyes on their website, they will post info closer to May.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. I'll probably be heading to NYC for a weekend get away in July, so I'd be happy to meet up with you local NYC tikiphiles.
If anyone visits Pittsburgh ("da'burg") in the near future, please e-mail me, for I'll buy your first drink at our new Tiki Lounge.
Later. TikiTommy

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