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Aloha! Zero Tiki here...since the creation of the Tiki Gallery Forum, I am changing this around to be just stuff in progress. As always, any suggestions are welcome.

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Welcome. It takes a lot of guts to post your first art, but soon you'll be posting without a care. Your painting looks fine. It seems you took the time to research the various styles for the wall masks and mugs on the shelf. Research is always good. You've got more detail there than I ever do. Nice! Acrylic?

um, I don't know how to add a picture"
"oh wait, here we go..."

Classic! :)
Welcome to TC ZeroTIki. Looks good, kind of a smokey, low contrast look like the inside of a tiki bar.

"feeling a little underskilled & outclassed"
With so many great artists here, many of us are feeling a little (or a lot) underskilled & outclassed. Keep plugging along, you'll be amazed at what you can do with a little work, a little inspiration and a little encouragement.


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Please Note:
The tribute piece below is done as an homage to Mr. Gambino, and will not be reproduced for sale. Sam will get a print, and I will have it on my wall, and that's all. I would expect any tribute piece is created with the same level of respect to the arist of origin.

That being said, I am having a ton of fun doing this piece, and would like y'all to see the work involved as it progresses.

Thanks again for letting me do the piece,Sam!

"The guy in the jacket"

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Cool ZeroTiki! Mort is one of those old 50's greaser guys who is in his 70's now..... :)

Just finished a comission piece-back to work on the 'boys!
Dangit! New commission! OK, I'll do a quick setp by step...and work on the 'boys as well!

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New Commission so far:

More as it happens!


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More progress!

More later,

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So, to re-cap on the Gambino Boys' progress...

"Now, all around Alabammie, them Gambino boys've been stirrin up trouble since way back in, I'd say fifty-two or fifty-three. List'nin to those wild rock records, drivin around in a souped up Ford, an' pickin' fights at the Bowl-O-Rama... Yessir, those boys aint nothin' but trouble..."


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Coming along great Zero Tiki!

Another step done... so close to finished!!

"Once, back in fiftee six, We heard a commotion out by Maury's place...seems ol' Mort 'n' Dinky Had a few of them whaddayacallems, MaiTais, over at the Bowl-O-Rama, an' got it inta their heads that racin' tractors would be a good idea. How the hell they got ahold a' tractors, I'll never know. But the police found the 2 of them, laughing fit to bust... They had one tractor knocked on it's side, t'other up in a tree..."
~nostalgic anecdote regarding the Gambino boys, source unknown

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lookin good !!!


New piece in progress - puffer and sunken tiki motif:

Gotta love a crappy camera.

Cool Puff'nStuff Zero - looking forward to more shots as it progresses.

you know that awesomeness you've been crafting has infected mah brains, MD!


next step on the puff'n'stuf:

...Moving away from the whole, 'lake of fire' look...

He's yer friend when things get rough

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new progress on the bobs

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Progress on my 5"X7" piece, "March of the Rainbow Bobs":


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A new piece, and

More fishie progress!


WooHOO! Partnering up with Ace shirt & cap (who made shirts of some of my pieces) on a table this year!

So much to finish!

Sunset Moai and Moai on the Moon

Oasis MoMo

Chairman of the (Surf)Board

Now I just have to get a new Jacket!!

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And abstracTiki...


Cant Wait for the opportunity to have my very own Oasis Table! I am bringing a little of everything(or at least trying to):
Mat sets:

Varied Tiki accoutrements

...and of course, Paintings:


You are on fire! You are going to have so much fun. See you at Oasis, Wendy

New pieces!(I am on fire, Miss Wendy, you are keerect!)

Jacket update:
This year, to facilitate me not completely melting, I am using a lab tech shirt rather than a blazer.


I had to do a quick bullfighter for the oasis...I couldn't help myself!

...and you think I work hard!


I KNOW you work hard, Ms. Wendy!

Zero, thank you so much for the sketch book. You are such a dear heart. What a great booth you had with all the terrific art. Good job. It was great to see you and your wife though out the days of Oasis. See you next year too. Wendy


Seeing you and Dan is always a high point of Oasis, Wendy!


Pieces I am working on for a Hallowe'en based tiki show with other artists in Napa

next step:

mp posted on Fri, Sep 16, 2011 8:14 PM

Looking good Zero! great seein ya down at Oasis!


Thanks, mp! Always good to see you! are you going to the Trader Vic's wrap up?

Oh, right! I was going to post more progress...

...Now, if I could only build the mugs...

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A Gilman mug would be cool!

A Gilman mug would be cool!

I just love the photos I took of you two at Oasis. Every time I pull up this thread I find myself smiling back at you.

The modern art tiki that you are holding...will you be making any prints larger than or close to 12" by 12"'s?

I'm having fun watching your latest threesome, Wendy

I was thinking of doing a limited run of both abstracts in a larger format, Wendy.
...and I do the same thing when I look at the Oasis pics.

Ahhh. Let me know the cost for a large print of the one in the last photo I sent to you. It's a super cool painting and Dan (and I) would love to have a copy. Cheers, Wendy

Where is the Wolfman mug? Poor furry fella always gets left out. :wink:

...That is an excellent point, tiger. I should rectify that.....

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My next creepyTiki trio will include:

Phantom of the Opera
Bride of Frankenstein
The Mummy
King Kong
Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde
The Invisible Man
Legendre (from "White Zombie")
The Gypsy lady from Wolfman
Dr. Cyclops
The Fly
Esoteric B movies:
Mole People
The Manster
The Alligator people (poor Lon Chaney)
Night of the Lepus (ok no I am kidding that would be terrible).:lol:

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