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That is so Zazz........NOT!

Hmmm....you learn something new every day. Next time I feel compelled to say 'Hey Baby!', I'll just blurt out 'Ooga Booga', and I'm sure I'll be mobbed by the "chics" who are hip to my Tiki slang.

BTW: Is there anyone in this astute group who is working on "The Book of Tiki Slang?" :)

"Hmmmmm...Yeahhh...I'll just go ahead and....Yeahhh...get that ssssstapler back nowww, if you don't mind.." I picture that asshole boss in "Office Space" wearing that shirt for some reason in his spare time.

Isn't this one of Shag's latest T-Shirt designs?

laney posted on Fri, Mar 28, 2003 9:14 AM

Hmmm, until I enlarged the pic I thought that was something other than the tikis arm.

That's pretty bad. Do you think the tiki has "wood?" (Sorry, couldn't resist.)


What I like is that the dorkus with the telephone looks like his girlfirend's breaking up with him...she couldn't stand his taste in clothes...


Why is the Tiki using a knitting needle?
And what kind of weirdo thinks up that kind of nonsense?

As for Tiki Slang, a great starting point is the book "Straight from the Fridge Dad" by Max Decharne. (Yeah, he sounds French, but he's English, so don't boycott it).

It's full of great lingo from the 20's to the 60's. Eg. "Make with a mouthful of Hi-Fi" - Sing me a song, " Get your hambone boiled" - Have sex, and one we all approve of "Gentle up a drink" - add more alcohol to it.

Trader Woody

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