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My sheepish return

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Aloha, TikiCentralites. After a several-month-long self-imposed exile (due to sporadic and unreliable computer access) I have returned to the bosom of my adopted family. To those of you who were here before, I've missed you and your relentless babbling. To those who have arrived since I last checked in, howdy! Glad you're here and glad to be back.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled cocktail...

PS - hey Dean! How'd those photos from TV's come out? Thanks again for meeting us, it was a great start to what turned out to be a great trip!



welcome back!!! guess you have a LOT of reading to do!


I kid you not, less than five hours ago I was driving about, wondering "Whatever happened to Maxton? How is Castaway Cove getting along? The season should begin soon...Has the Cove fallen into dusty disregard, the hand split bamboo trim hanging haphazardly from rusty nails...?" Then I hit a tree and had to think of other things.

I'm kidding about the tree.

On 2003-03-27 21:41, woofmutt wrote:
I kid you not, less than five hours ago I was driving about, wondering "Whatever happened to Maxton?

Woof, nice to know I haven't been forgoten, and I'm REALLY glad to know you were kidding about the tree!

The Cove stands still, gorwing ever more cluttered with gifts from friends and the sporadic thrift-store find. We had a craps workshop there a few weeks back and it went well, despite the lack of insulation. You're right about the season starting. We've tentatively pegged June 7 for the big Season Opener, and I do hope that you (and any other Centralites who can drag their mai-tai sodden selves to Portland) can make it. You are, of course all invited. Details to come shortly.

Thanks for the welcome back!

Where have you been Maxton? huh? Have you seen the baby? He looks just like you.

Not really, but I'm not that great at making any serious statements, just tkaing opportunities for bad jokes. Hello, and welcome back! I'm new, but I was at the SF Bay Area Tiki Crawl.

Rock on!
and remember, aloha means both goodbye.. AND hello.

Aloha Maxton,
Great to have you back. I was thinking of you recently too as I know you are a fan of Polkacide and I see they are scheduled to appear at Polka de Mayo in a few weeks. Now keep that computer up and running.

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