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Mai Tai Haiku (Mai-Taiku)

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Sitting at my tiki bar in a rum-induced hypnotic state, a wave of zen conscienceness overcame me ... and now I humbly offer to you, my simple Mai-Tai haiku (or Mai Taiku)...

Iced glass beckons me
golden-brown nector awaits
tropic dreams fullfilled.

Thank you. Thank you very much,

Tiki Bong


Ode to my blowfish:

Stunned and stuffed
Spherical long dead fish
Gets revenge - a prick!

Thankyou, thankyou.

Tiki Fountain Haiku:

Water over rocks
Gently trickles, glowing red
Makes me have to pee

Turn up the music,
We have a new bag of ice.
Squeezing limes again.

All the poetry lately has been inspiring.

converging pilgrims
seek the tiki oasis
and Otto's lost thong

Ode to Tiki:

His thousand-yard stare
Peers from one craze to the next
Grimace locked in time

deep intoxica

well created libations

gods of wood and stone


Fierce Tiki visage
Mandala of the Islands
Now sits by the bar


shirts O' paradise
drinks de lo habitual
where is that guy chet?

Attention Tikis:
Hot music grad students
in Santa Ana!

This shit doesn't even rythme,
what's up with that?

let's get back on track
bong this is a very good string or whatever you guys call this, and this is not a freaking bud comercial........my name is ob seagull (here) and this is my 5 . 7 . 5 .

yma's hypnotique

denny will take me away

exotica with hair cut

thank you tiki BONG
i want see more creativity (with mai tais)

oh yeah..... basementtiki.. your bar is the best...by far

[ Edited by: ob seagull on 2002-10-19 01:50 ]


painkiller friday



painkiller friday
memories of Tortola
fresh nutmeg on top


Ode to Don Tiki's "The Natives are Restless"

Here I sit and sip
Jungle drums beat distantly
I'm going inside

i still think this is good BONG ol boy

marTiki here is to you;

swim to the beach shack

rocks providing obstacle

two painkiller's please



Search eBay for mugs...

find the missing Tiki Bob.

“You paid what for that?!”

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[ Edited by: kingslod on 2002-10-21 15:56 ]

Greetings all! Just a quick note to say hey to bong and those who attended Baxdogs party. Great to see everyone, and homage to Al for some tasty bev.s. Yes I finally posted!!! I know I'm a slacker. Hey Al Thanks also for the pics of my store. You da bomb...Mahalos

Sizing his weak prey
Like an orca among seals,
An Ebay sniper

no more make tiki
mai tai take me away
gravel pit of commerce
screams play


Tired of the hate,
"No more Mad Tiki For You!!"
Is our heartfelt plea.

Tiki's for losers
We don't need this on our tape
A big bunch of nerds

dig on that

ParrotHead's a dick
What is wrong with that asshole?
Tiki's are for fun


You call us all geeks
But we swing like God's own balls
And drink high proof rum

Trader Woody


cheers to that, woody!

Don't mess with tiki
'Cause my Moai will attack-
And you don't want that!

Trader Woody,

What do you suppose the G-man (God) would have balls (and a unit) for?

(heh-heh...he said "unit" heh)

This seemed appropriate.
Spam Haiku

Pink meat sorta
clogging my aorta
piggy rigor morta


paradise not found

quadraphonic G.I. sounds

drunken mai tai bliss

Not sick of the Hate
Why don't you get it straight Jacks
Hear for the TIKI

Also Sad people with picture's under there pillow's.

MaD-TiKi :evil:

Ok Flamer boy, I mean martiki6. Are you happy. Now go back and count other people's haiku's.You seem to have alot of time on your hands.

No more Tiki-bot 4 U!!!!

[ Edited by: mad-tiki on 2002-10-25 12:11 ]

is this a haiku?
do you know the meaning?

look it up and get to the point..... moron

that doesn't even make sense. drink a frickin mai tai and think man, THINK!


On 2002-10-24 23:09, MaD-TiKi wrote:
Not sick of the Hate
Why don't you get it straight Jacks
Just hear for the TIKI

Also Sad people with picture under there pillow.

OK, Mad-Tiki, you were close. The format is 5-7-5. That was 5-7-6. Do you get it now?

Secondly, we really have to have a talk about your continued problems with homonyms:

-Just HERE for the tiki-
-...people with picture(s) under THEIR pillow(s)-

I know, picking on grammatical mistakes is always the last resort of the weak flamer, but I'm just a type-A kind of guy.


Slowly rises from chair
She flops herself down again
not nuff energy.


birds have the equivalent
of tiny 2 year old brain
let's call him Pea-head

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