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The Tropics at The Hotel Wolverine, Detroit, MI (restaurant)

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Name:The Tropics at The Hotel Wolverine
Street:Witherell and Elizabeth Streets

The Wolverine Hotel, also known as Hotel Wolverine was a hotel in Detroit, near Grand Circus Park. It was imploded in early 1997.


i have a cocktail napkin.

there is a reference to The Tropics on Critiki, and a few postcards on ebay. but thats all i know!


That is quite a score of napkins you made at the estate sale. Thanks for taking the time to post them all.

Here is a postcard from the Tropics showing the south seas interior. I think this one was in the Book of Tiki too.

Here is the description from the back of the card. Another establishment with the old rain on the roof trick.

Here is a postcard showing the Hotel Wolverine with the Tropics building next door.

And finally, in fine Detroit style (a-la Chin Tiki) the demolition of the hotel and Tropics buildings. It is now a parking lot for the new baseball park.



Thank you guys for posting pictures,never seen anything on the Tropic's before.

Since we seem to be on a "Tropics" posting theme today, I'll add this postcard from the Detroit location:


I just got that postcard in the mail yesterday and was going to post it tonight.

That view is from the Tropics Native Village which was connected to the Tropics Cocktail Lounge next door which is shown in the previous postcard.

Here is the write up from the back of the card.

Sounds like the bandstand moved around some how.


Nice old matchbook from the Tropics on ebay.


Nice embossing job. That must have been the predecessor to the boob embossing custom.

On 2009-11-06 15:01, Dustycajun wrote:
Sounds like the bandstand moved around some how.

I always thought the bandstand above the bar at Clifton's Pacific Seas was impressive:

And the floating Tonga Room one of course. But how did this one work? They plowed thru the tables and huts? :)

Saw this cool menu from the Detroit Tropics on Mimi's website. Funny it doesn't advertise the Hotel Wolverine on it.


Spotted this image of the Tropics.

Gives you a good perspective on the upstairs/downstairs layout of the place.


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