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"On the Spot" TV show tikis

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laney posted on Fri, Mar 28, 2003 9:45 AM

Has anyone seen this show on WB (here ch5) Thurs. nights? I don't like the show but it is an improv comedy set in a hotel. Their lounge (with a silly lounge couple-the best part of the show) is tiki themed. There are at least 4 really cool lamps, (one they close-up on often has a tiki face cut out of bamboo) tons of bamboo, barkcloth, some tikis, and a thatch roofed bar. The decor looks like the work of OA. Tune in just for that. If someone else posted this before, sorry.

Laney, I saw that last night too! Behind the bar on the top self, it looked like they had a few tiki mugs but I couldn't really tell for sure.

But yeah, I agree. The show BLOWS. I tuned away after the tiki bar scene.

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