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Hala Kahiki pics

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My daughter and I went on a Spring Break road trip this week and stopped at the Hala Kahiki. Unfortunately, since she is under 21, we could not go in. I got just a few pics, and there a couple more to come.

Sorry. Pics lost on old server. Will try to report.

This piece of Witco greets you. It's a spear, wrapped in the leopard material. There is a Witco bench under it, across from the Witco tikis on either side of the door, and the Witco door handle.

The Swank Pad Broadcast - If it's Swank...

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Swanky, very good, I see you're raisin' her up proper.

Dont'cha just love that place? Great pictures!!



Really nice pictures. Did you use a tripod and long exposuer, or does your digital just take great pictures?

AMAZING pictures - I feel like I'm there! I needed that this morning!


VERY nice pictures! What a gorgeous place. The lighting is just... perfect.

Yes exactly Swanky, extended exposure on a sony cybershot with this really cool mini tripod from Best Buy. Small enough to fit in my pocket, it's a very handy little toy! Best Buy sells em for cheap if anyone is interested.


my favorite place on earth, and the place that introduced me to all things tiki

Few places could offer a better introduction, Bullhiki!

sorry for beig extra stupid, and lazy to search it out,
but where is this Heaven on Earth?
and is it still open?



River Grove, IL, a bit outside Chicago.
Second only to the Mai Kai in my book. This is one of those places that really inspired me. When I work on my home bar, I have the mood and lighting of the Hala Kahiki in mind. And I think it is truer to the tiki bar aesthetic than the Mai Kai for one big reason, it's in upper Illinois! I went for the first time with a foot and a half of snow on the ground and that is the true tiki bar experience! Go.

Here's a link to their website bigtikidude.


Check out their gigantic menu... I have to spend a good 20 minutes with it before I can commit to a drink. If you go, try to avoid Friday and Saturday nights...Last time we planned to go on a Saturday, we were told there was an hour and a half wait for a two people.

Thanks Swanky, and Trader Jim.
I don't think I'll be getting out that way anythime soon.
But if I do, I'll surely make my way there.



these is from may 06 - Freddie balls and myself shut that place down 2 nights in a row - I recommend u go if u can its near one them Chicago airports.

you can smoke there(as of this picture)

sidewayz - witco girl
I need one of these witco fences around my fountain!

CU fountain and Witco Hanging Light

from bar to back room

If anyone has these witco framed pieces PM me I'll take me off u r hands

if you got the website these are near the bar (behind you)

Witco chairs

outside shot through the window

entrance area

just before you enter the bar - nice Witco

2 guys - 2 nights - take a cab homw they'll call u one!

They have a gift shop too - oh did I mention a lot of Witco?

On 2007-02-06 15:51, tikibars wrote:

Oh no! White Witco!

...but vait, there actually are examples of such a thing!:

for the modern look :)

...and, a special order for the Fort Lewis Officer's Club!

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