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So nice to be back

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Y'know, the thing I forgot in my time away from this group is just how nice it is to be a part of the back and forth buzz created by like-minded freaks. The funny, friendly yammer, like I'm with a group of good friends in my tiki bar, just shootin' the shit.

I'm working nights right now and it's boring and lonely and depressing, and it really helps me through the night seeing all the messages come in. I'm in good company.

To all of you newbies, I hope you'll get as much out of this group as I have. You'll never find a cooler group of people anywhere. As soon as I can afford a bottle of rum I'll tip a mai-tai to you all. Meantime my cup of lousy coffee will have to do. Cheers to you all, my friends, and thanks for being here when I need you!


Welcome back! I enjoyed seeing you and Maggie at Trader Vic's in Emeryville. Let us know when the Castaway Cove season opener is happening!


We had a great time at TVs. How did those pics come out?

I believe the season opener will be in June, probably on the 7th. It'd be great if you guys could make it!

Great to have you back, TikiMaxton!

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:


Pages: 1 3 replies