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tiki baby names?

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After nine long dry months, I am looking forward to both giving birth and then celebrating with an appropriate adult beverage.
Alas, the partner and I have yet to come up with any suitable baby names. Any suggestions?
By the way, we found Hawaiian print crib sheets and baby outfits at the Sun Hawaii store in San Jose!

Congrats! Well, I'm fond of all Hawaiian names...but if you want to go hardcore Tiki god.....Lono? Or how about Sven? Or Hawaiian gods...Maui? after the demi-god that pulled the Hawaiian Islands up from the bottom of the ocean and slowed down the sun with a giant fishing net....or, if it's a girl, after his mother, Hina? Let me concentrate while you gestate...I'll think of something!

Remember what ever you drink the baby drinks.
Breast feeding wise that is.
I don't want little Lay Lawnie to go to AAA like me, oh wait, that's A A
Good luck
Have no brakes
Cannot stop
Mahalo to you

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The obvious name I guess would be TIKI, but I suppose NyGiants running back Tiki Barber has already taken that. Other alternatives would be Thor, Ra, and Tai...


Check out your local used bookstore (or go to the Web: Barnes and Noble out of print, or a Hawaiiana online store...and get one of those mini Hawaiian grammar thingys, souvenir type. They almost always contain loads of boy and girl Hawaiian names. I dunno if it's a good idea to name a child after a god, but Hawaiian names are beautiful!


P.S. boy or girl BTW? Do you know? We're having emspace Junior first few days of June...he'll be named Oliver Miles in all probability.

Don't but the cheap diapers or you'll be calling Jr. Leaky Tiki!

A couple of years back, I worked with this great Polynesian guy who named his son Haleuakea (sp?), which means 'Creeping Lava.' He always said that he chose that name for his son because he knew the tot would 'destroy everything in his path.' by the time he turned 2. :)

King Kameha-matt


Steve... iki


PuPu Pat

Or, just check this out!

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Thanks for the tips. A Hawaiian name is especially appropriate since this baby was conceived on the Big Island late last summer. Don't know if it is a boy or a girl -- I think girl, but who knows. Baxdog -- don't worry, I won't hit the bottle hard -- we are planning a celebratory meal at Trader Vics as soon as we can go out and I'm really looking forward to one good drink. Frenchy -- is that "creeping lava" story true?! I was on the floor laughing trying to convince my husband what a good name that would be. But my husband is Polish and with that first name and my husband's last name, this poor kid would have every letter in the alphabet covered.
Anyway, send me good vibes for a relatively quick and painless delivery please!


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Uhh, Puka probably isn't the best name 4 a girl cuz in current Hawaiian slang every "hole" is referred to as a puka...
How about keiki "child" for a nickname or Makai-seaward, towards the mountains-Mauka, or West-Ewa.

P.S. Congratulations

Smart sneakytiki. I had NO idea, I just thought it sounded cool.....good suggestion. Gotta watch me sometimes;) No rocket scientist here..........


tikifreak, too bad the word is now misused, I
not really smart, just coincidental that I was readin' 'bout Hawaiian slang today.


My 6year olds nickname is pono, which I got from a tv show about a Hawaiian kid.

laney posted on Wed, Apr 2, 2003 4:06 PM

Please keep in mind that this baby will be a kid in school and other kids are evil. Puka would totally become Poopa, as with many other names I've heard here, they will turn into a joke. Don't brand your kid for life! Unless you're having a big Samoan or have a huge Ohana, ready to kick ass, I'd stay away from many of these names. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being unique, but I'm Orthodox Christian so we go with Saints names, I was going to name my son Nathaniel, but hate Nathan or (yuck) Nate, so I went with Nicholas (he's Nick) Keep in mind, also, his name will become shortened no matter what you do. You know when you meet someone as Stephen and call him Steve only to get corrected "It's Stephen" Whatever...

As far as childbirth, you'll forget any pain as soon as you see the love of your life! I was so high after, that I passed out twice from exaustion. And about drinking while breast feeding, it was reccomened that I have one when the milk wouldn't flow or before pumping, because it relaxes you. So enjoy!

i love "Pele" for a girl.

it says it all...


I don't know the origins of the word or the meaning but I love the name Kahiki.

Tiki Lou, It's a real name.

Snake Hips.


according to the original post dates, the baby would be five years old now. I am sure they have thought of a name by now!


uh..whatever..maybe they're ready to have another!
I always like the female flower & plant names..bu this place is full of Leilanis & Puas. I'd like to see someone named Hibiscus, Frangipani, Poinciana, Protea, or Aloe Vera.

Paradise is a state of mind.

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