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My first two art pieces to share

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laney posted on Sat, Mar 29, 2003 1:53 PM

Finally I got around to taking photos of my first two art pieces.

The first is fish and bubbles in my son's room. His room is kind of Spongebob meets Mid Century. He loves it! I used left over paint from his walls. His ceiling is a dark blue with googy drips in the corners and big bubbles in light blue. He has 8 bubble-like swag lamps (I added a pic of one corner)

The next piece has what I think of as modern looking angry tikis. My "tiki holy grail" is the Witco Firedancers. But since I don't have it yet, I decided to make one of my own. I'm pretty good with flames and have painted hot rod type flames on my sons guitar also. It will hang in my craft/sewing/ebay room as soon as I get the walls painted (a beautiful orange-for which I almost got laughed out of Home Depot) This piece is large, last pic has a soda can for size reference. The tikis as well as the fish are wood. The orange is burlap and flames done with fabric dye.

Sorry for all the pic but, yes, I'm pretty proud of my first attempts. More pieces to come!
Feel free to tell me what you think-I can take it! Please no homages or rip-offs, thanks!


Very nice! I like it. Maybe I should have you come over and paint my place.


wow, amazing! i'm so overwhelmed by the talent of all you TC'ers!!

those are mighty mean tikis!!


Nice job Laney - the lamps are perfect accompaniments. I would love to have an orange room, but my wife hates the color.

Angry Tikis is definitely the best of the two. Exellent work!

Hotikis or Haute-Tikis
Bowed-fish in a Bubbley-Blue Bedroom
Laney's Lamps and Picture-Perfect Paintings.

This is what I do when I don't get to go to the Crawl....




I am filled with envy,


Laney, those are incredibly stylish and striking. LOVE the Angry Tikis. Your house must be quite an experience! Your son's room reminds me of a set from some crazy-hip 60's film, "Barbarella" or "The Party" or... Just great. Totally makes me miss the 60's.

I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!!


I don't get it, but whatever

Don't you know "It's Hell Explaining Tiki".

laney posted on Tue, Apr 1, 2003 2:40 PM

Thanks everyone for the kind words. If the beautiful weather keeps up, I'll make many more pieces. I have a lot of ideas in my giant head. I am curious what would happen if I try to sell one.

Bax, I don't get many of your posts, so we're even. We won't try to figure each other out. Whatever :wink:


Rock on Laney! Very cool stuff!

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