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Maryland DC Tikiphiles web stie

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We have made some new up dates. Please stop by and look around and then take our survey.

Thank you


[ Edited by: powerofthetiki on 2003-03-30 22:13 ]


Greetings -

If anyone out there can help, I've been trying to register for the Maryland/DC/VA tikiphiles site for some time now. However, either my confirmation email never gets through (am beginning to believe AOL is playing a role in that), or the activation never takes place.

Is the board still alive? Is there anyone who can assist?



Hey Rupe - yes the MD/DC/VA Tikiphiles is still up and running! If you're having problems registering you should contact Tiki Central members Powerofthetiki or Turbogod via PM. They should be able to get you hooked up!


Hey new goodies!

Maybe I'm just clueless or late, but were the final get together at the Honolulu pix new? Really glad to see those! Put together really nicely.

Can't tell you how much we miss the Honolulu! For now, their post restaurant site will have to satisfy-



I wanted to bump this topic, as there may be several newer people from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area who are not aware of the following local tiki website.

Some of the pages are out of date, but the bulletin board/forums remain active. We will sometimes have local gatherings, and will often alert people to related happenings in the area (i.e. Shag is in D.C. this weekend)


If you are from the MD/DC/VA area, stop on in, and introduce yourselves!


Yes, if you're in the DC/VA/MD area we'd love to meet you! With spring and summer approaching it's a great time to start local gatherings now that the threat of snow and ice are diminishing (we hope). The more the merrier. We're a very fun group - if I do say so myself.


Yes. Plus drink recipes from the Honolulu. :wink:


Yikes... looks like the local board is down.


Dude it’s really high time that you do something with this website. There are a lot of people from the areas of DC/Maryland/Virginia who don’t still have any clue about this local tike website. Anyway I’m happy that you have made some new updates. Usually I only see the bulletin boards and the forums remaining active in it.

Pages: 1 9 replies