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Hula Hula. Saturday April 11, 8 pm

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just passing this along ~ The Stranger has an ad ~

Big Jimm's Legendary
Pimp & Ho Night.

win a trip for 2 to vegas for the Best Pimp and Best Ho costume.***

$150 for best ass contest.

skyy & Jager $5 drink specilas

Low Rider full of free schwag. $5 dollar covercharge and karaoke starts at 9.

*** transportation not included

we won't be attending, my Pimp costume is at the cleaner.


I'll actually already be in vegas, and really no one wants to see Pea as a HO


Stunts like this at a tiki bar only makes me sad. T.V. Bellevue was bad, but not THIS bad. The NW needs its own Forbidden Island type bar.

The other thing is, Pimp and Ho's were so 2007 :P


shit, I didnt see the best ass contest.
I could so win that.
Sweetpea got back...


Hula Hula ain't all that far from north Aurora so the let's-play-dress up hos might have competition from the real things.

yea i wanna see woofmutt dressed up as a ho. so thats why you wanna be called Sprinkles. eeewwww!


I thought making the Tiki art already qualified me as a ho.

[ Edited by: woofmutt 2009-04-06 14:04 ]

I think events like this are extremely sexist! I called Hula Hula and was denied permission
to enter the best ass contest, I was even going to buy a new pair of tighty whities....


I'd enter a Best Making An Ass Of Yourself Contest. If we had a lot of Tiki Centralites enter the contest competition would be fierce.

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