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Hawaii Waipahu Paradise, Madrid, Spain (bar)

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Zeta posted on Thu, Apr 2, 2009 9:08 PM

Name:Hawaii Waipahu Paradise
Street:Tintas 8
Phone:914 661 000

Outside of the city center... In the middle of nowhere. Go now before it closes forever!

Zeta posted on Thu, Apr 2, 2009 9:10 PM

The owner/barman's name is Angel, really cool, really nice, but doesn't speak a word in English.

Zeta, don't scare me, that amazing place has to be properly documented for posterity, before it closes!!!

On 2009-04-02 23:04, bigbrotiki wrote:
Zeta, don't scare me, that amazing place has to be properly documented for posterity, before it closes!!!

It seems to me that Zeta just was trying to add some additional interest to a place interesting enough per se.
Real state speculation is Madrid Tiki bar´s main predator.
Since the place is far from the more coveted city areas, it is safe from real state sharks, for the moment at least.
The owner´s love for his place and all things tiki and a faithful patronage (even if more interested in its cold beer and tv screen than in Waipahu´s tiki values) secures its preservation.
I would bet that Waipahu will be the last surviving tiki bar madrileño.

In any case, I´m sure that Zeta has this place documented with his usual diligence.

[ Edited by: Mister Naufrago 2009-04-08 09:17 ]

How about a few photos then? I was going to do this once I had time to write it up properly but since the topic has been broached, here goes.

It does take some effort to get to this place, but it was certainly worth it to me.

[ Edited by: fez monkey 2009-04-03 23:26 ]

Nice photos Fez Monkey.
To reach this place is not an easy task.
Something above and beyond tiki duty, I would say.
Sure you have some stories too...

Zeta posted on Wed, Apr 8, 2009 7:23 AM

Mahalo for your compliment Mister Naufrago!
Here is one of my documents:

Strange menu from another time...

Great photos and menu graphics, guys. What a repository of rare Spanish Poly pop pottery that place is, they even have the Mauna Loa logo volcano.

Nowhere else in the world has the art of Tiki TILES reached such heights, with complete walls, and full-sized Tikis, all made out of ceramics. The only thing comparable to that artistry I ever found in the States was this mural at a deli in Glendale, I lovingly call it the "Wall of Wurst" (The next door store makes it even more surreal) :) :

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki 2009-04-08 10:14 ]

So funny to see "Waipahu" on something outside of Waipahu. I used to live there...Waipahu, O'ahu that is. You just don't see that name much, so when you do, it kind of makes you do a double-take. Mahalo Zeta!

Zeta posted on Tue, Apr 28, 2009 4:39 PM

You are welcome amigo!

Zeta posted on Wed, Jan 27, 2010 11:48 PM

Vintage matchbook

Zeta posted on Sat, Mar 27, 2010 3:53 AM

Aloha amigos!
Hey bigbro, sorry to correct you master, but they don't have the Mauna Loa Volcano mug here... The Original vintage Mauna Loa Volcano mug has a face and it's stamped on the bottom and was only available at the Mauna Loa Madrid location. That Mug on the picture is the regular volcano mug.

Zeta, YOU are without a doubt the master of the Spanish Tiki realm, so correct as much as you like! I am very grateful that someone exists that has the passion and dedication to have documented so much about this unique and impressive facet of Tiki culture. Since you appeared on the scene, I can rest more easy about my fear that the Spanish Tiki phenomenon might disappear unnoticed. I know now that one way or another, the glory of Spanish Tiki will be revealed to the world, eventually!

Zeta posted on Wed, Mar 31, 2010 3:34 PM

Gracias Bigbro! It is an honor to inspire someone who inspired me. :)
Only one thing, you forgot to say that I am the king of Mexican Tiki too! 8)
Also, to place respect where respect is due, I would like to say that Mister Naufrago is also a great collector and keeper of the Spanish Tiki tradition and holds the biggest collection of Spanish Tiki (after mine, of course, jeje) and an active urban archaeologist and relentless ethylic explorer, besides a true gentleman.
And yes, I will preserve this fascinating aspect of tiki culture for future generations or die trying. Now the responsibility is on me, but I need everybody help! Bigbro, Dustycajun, Sabu, KC, Tikinomad, Eddy Brazil, Trader Woody, Fez Monkey and everyone who holds a piece of the Latin Tiki puzzle!
Time is not on our side! We need to act pronto!


This is latin bar in Madrid's latino district. I like it, because I like exotica in its wider sense and I like Latin-America and those dark holes there. Waipahu is exactly like that dark hole of Ecuador, so better keep your eyes on your back, don't trust anybody, and have a beer. Google (or somewhere) has a review of visitor where her wallet was taken. In other cases I would be mad about that kind of thing, but it's latin hole for locals... It's wild! I like it wild! First time that I had a beer in tiki-bar... Forget about tiki, it's not about tiki, it only has a history of tiki. Latins don't give a d*mn about tiki, they don't need it.
By the way... It's still nice and clean... and sweet (sour actually) lime-aroma in the toilet (as shown on the photo)! :D

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