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Is this a Paul Fujimoto tiki carving?

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I found this carving probably 4 years ago at the thift shop. It looked cool and kinda old so I bought it for a few dollars. It is signed on the bottom "Pele Paul of Hawaii" Just wondering how to tell if it was Paul Fujimoto and if any one else had any Fujimoto carvings there does not seem to be much about him on TC

Swanky posted on Tue, Apr 7, 2009 5:32 AM

Do you have any images of his work?


hey Swanky there are some on this post


Here is one of my posts from the past on TC.
Based on the signature this could very well be a Fujimoto carving.



thanks 1961surf cool photos, Dogbytes helped me clear things up she has a friend who confirmed that it was a fujimoto, but was probably sold thru Blair- and signed for Paul by someone at Blair’s shop because Paul rarely signed his own work.
there has to be some more of these in tc collections.


On 2009-02-02 21:50, 1961surf wrote:
Blair Co. was one of the lead souvenir companies that had provided carved wood
products of all different shapes, sizes, bowls trays , carved tikis etc.
Blair Co was located in Honolulu .Paul Fujimoto to the best of my knowledge
was the operations manager, and lead tiki carver.His work can be seen all
over the Hawaiian islands.Fujimoto was one of the best tiki carvers in the
Hawaii in the 1960's .Fujimoto's carved tikis rarely come up on ebay for
auction.The first picture shows the carving that sold on ebay last year.
Don't know the type of wood, but very very nice appprox 30" tall .
The other two pictures are historical pictures of Blair Co. show room
featuring many of Fujimotos carvings , products and tikis.Note the detail
of the carving on the tall Ku Tikis.Wouldn't we all want one of these in
our own place ??

Aloha and enjoy -Trader Bill

Mahalo 1961Surf !

On 2007-07-22 03:22, Koolau wrote:
Photos of Paul Fujimoto carvings from the 2007 Hawaii All-Collectors Show:

Some smaller carvings:

A newspaper clipping from 1976:

And of course the big guy:

Mahalo, Koolau!

On 2009-08-08 15:57, Kaiwaza wrote:
Also, I can't go without mentioning the great cover art..the back jacket reads "Sculpture of the goddess Pele by Paul Fujimoto, carved in the Studios of Hardwoods Hawaii, Ltd. Honolulu.

A few more Fujimoto carvings....

Aloha, Freddie

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Paul Fujimoto... carver for the people... something for everyone...:)


Fujimoto wall hanger...

From Craigslist, info claims that it is a carving of Pele that was brought from Hawaii on a merchant ship in the teens or twentys, made of Koa.
Could this be a Fujimoto? Though it's too rich for my blood, what do his carvings run?

aloha, tikicoma

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Fujimoto, maybe... Teens or the twenties? Quite the wrong period. Koa? Quite wrong wood. $2,500? $30 bucks max for this and even that is a stretch...

Caveat emptor. On Craigslist, anyone can claim anything....

On 2012-06-24 23:58, tikicoma wrote:
From Craigslist, info claims that it is a carving of Pele that was brought from Hawaii on a merchant ship in the teens or twentys, made of Koa.
Could this be a Fujimoto?


Here's a recent ebay auction that ended with a best offer of $1200, original asking price was $1450....

Pele Hawaiian Goddess of Fire Vintage Koa Driftwood Carving
24" tall by 12" widest point
The tangled roots form her flaming hair of fire.

Every incident with a volcanic eruption in Hawaii it is said to be Pele's way of expressing
her longing to be with her true love, in many stories a young chief named Lohiau, but she's
a fickle and dangerous lover who sometimes kills her husbands.

This vintage Hawaiian carving is in excellent condition as shown.

Your Pele carving is foam packed and will ship insured with the care she deserves.

It's hard to tell if its Koa, can't see the grain in the pict, but it might be marked as such on the bottom.... Paul's favorite seemed to be Milo wood...
Probably made in the 60's-70's

I snagged this incredible carved tiki from eBay last year. The listing did not even mention that it was signed "Paul of Hawaii" on the back of the base. I am assuming this is a Paul Fujimoto carving. I've mainly only seen this female face carvings so was surprised when I received him and he was marked Paul. Just thought I would share cause it's such a great carving.


It sure is!! Beautiful :o)

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