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Anyone want these tiki/nontiki mugs?

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laney posted on Tue, Apr 1, 2003 9:46 AM

My Mom gave me a big box of Hawaiian/tiki stuff from their garage. Some of the mugs just aren't my taste.

There are 2 old severed head mugs. I don't know if these are tiki but I think they are ugly and gross so if anyone wants these please post.

Another mug is like a tiki eating a hula girl. This one freaks me out so again, if you want it please post.

The rest of the box I will keep. Thanks, Laney

um, severed head, as in THE severed head in BOT Crane mug? If so, hell YEAH I'll take it!


Laney, I would trade you for a Witco inspired carving.


I'm interested in any or all of these. I'll even trade you one or more Kahiki mugs for them.:)

Is this a cruel joke??
If not, I own a Liquor Store..what's missing on your shelf?


4.1.03. Almost had me.

color me gullible too... HA!

GOOD one Laney!

GECKO posted on Tue, Apr 1, 2003 1:10 PM

Laney jus talkin' funny. 'tanks fo noting! Look like she wen hooked a few fo dinna tonight. Almost gave up a tiki myself.

laney posted on Tue, Apr 1, 2003 2:18 PM

OK OK You're on to me....

:lol: :P April Fool's :P :lol:

Can I just take a little time to appologize to all who took me seriously and wrote e-mails offering everything, especially your first born but I already have a kid of my own! No I don't have that mug and if I did, you can't have it!

Go out and get someone on April 1st! :lol:

[ Edited by: Laney on 2003-04-01 14:51 ]



Laney, I was onto you from the beginning. Well, not the beginning, but soon after. I knew that, from meeting you for the five minutes the other night, you're way to sharp to be throwin' away those mugs.

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