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Friends, Tikis, and Countrymen...SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS!

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Aloha All!

Okay guys and gals...If you go to my site, http://www.tikitackett.com, and click "Tangaroa Terrace", you will find the gallery of photos of friends at Disneyland's Tiki Room. If you have a photo of you in front of the Tiki Room, please send it to me along with your first names and home state/country so that I can include you, too!

This gallery will be followed by the "Friends of Walt Disney World's Tiki Room" for photos of you all in front of that show, too..so if you want to send those in, go right ahead and I will save them for later!

In June, when I start celebrating the 40th birtday of the Tiki Room, these galleries will find a permenant home in "The Enchanted Tiki Room Experience", which pays homage to the show.

I look forward to getting your photos and MAHALO NUI LOA!

send photos to: [email protected]

and place this in your subject line:
Tangaroa Terrace Contribution

So am I to assume that nobody considers the Enchanted Tiki Room an important part of the Tiki culture? or does nobody have any pictures to contribute?

:( Saddened by the lack of response.



I'd send you my photo, only I tossed it because it was so dark (it was rainy and crappy and they closed Disneyland on us on my one and only trip there... but that's another story) ya couldn't even tell what it was. I'll check again, cause I loved the Tiki Room!

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