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Blue Hawaiians, APE, and DJ Senor Amor July 19th

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I'm helping a couple of bands set up a show for July 19th. This show is not a Tiki Crawl and the venue is not a tiki bar so I don't wanna hear no guff about it later, haha, I'm just jivin youse guys.

July 19th

The Blue Hawaiians
APE (with live tiki carving by Crazy Al)
plus DJ Senor Amor

at Kozmos
Huntington Beach, CA
$10 cover, 21+ w/ID
9 - 1:30

Kozmos is not a tiki bar but it is right down the street from Sam's Seafood so if any of the So-Cal Tiki Centralites are planning on going I would love to meet up with you guys before the show at the bar at Sam's Seafood for some drinks, then just head down to the show together.

Hope you guys can make it,

This show will sell out.


Is Kozmo's the old Sunset Pub building? I'm very familiar with Sam's Seafood as I had my first legal drink there(a Mai-Tai of course) many moons ago. Once, my buds and I were sucking 'em down at Sam's and I thought I would try and balance my dumb ass on the railing in front of the volcanic waterfall. Well needless to say I can't surf no railing and I fell into the little pond the waterfall pours into, cut the F&#% out of my hand on the volcanic rock. We all got kicked out for being too loud and drunk. Surprise, Surprise!

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Aloha Bong and All,
kozmos is on the corner of P.C.H. and Warner. Next to Super Mex, an expensive liquor store, a head shop, a sushi bar, a gas staion, a surf shop, etc. and on the inland side of the beach across from Jack in da Box, north west of Bolsa chica wet lands, about 2 miles south of Sams and used to be the old pool bar Josies, where all the red neck freaks hung out and threatend to beat you up all the time when if you was a punker! Now, Sunset Pub was a GREAT gig! Every type of music, every night, every type of person getting along while intoxicated and not threatining to beat you up if you were a punker! I remember seeing T.S.O.L. play at Sams. Bad mistake!!!! Sams was too laid back for that gig. We have at the Bamboo Ben Store mucho info on the Ape show that C'Al was so kind to leave behind for the masses to keep and pass on to thier kin. So, stop on by and take a stack with you's.

P.S. I'll open the store up on Friday afternoon if any of you want to cruz by and check it out. We'll have a "Pre Ape Show Sale" Let's see, 20% off and if you can "wow" me, a little more on top of that. While visiting H.B., go to Beach Blvd and P.C.H. and check out the "Surf Hinge" sculpture the city (shitty)council came up with. 50k paid and it wasn't even a local artist!! New Mexico??? Are there waves in the Rio Grande??? Arggggggg!!!!!!!!!! I told em' at least put a fin on it!!!

Kozmos used to be called The Lotus Lounge and before that it was known as The 13th Floor. early arrival is advised. I'm working with the guys to set up a couple of other shows, I honestly don't think Kozmos is big enough to handle the amount of people that will want to see this show.

Hey Ben (as in Bamboo),

So T.S.O.L. played Sunset Pub? Man, those were the days. T.S.O.L., Red Cross, Agent Orange, Black Flag, Circle Jerks. That was when punk was punk. Not the rehashed bullsh*t cropping up today. We played Sunset Pub quite a few times. Tony, the old dude that owned it would get pissed at us for playing too loud. His house was down the street and he would call the pub and tell the barmaid to tell us to 'TURN IT DOWN' or pack it up and leave. (Sorry about this trip down memory lane folks).

This discussion confirms my belief that Tiki is where a lot of "old" punks have migrated to!

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I think tiki(or polynesian) and punk have a number of similarities: a sense of reckless abandon, heavy tattoo and other body adornment, a musicical style that is highly charged, group dancing/shanking, and big black engineer boots, er... OK scratch that one.

Besides, it was after a punk show in LA in about 1980 that I first went to Kelbos on Fairfax. Little did I know at the time that I should have been taking home the mugs my drinks came in.

As far as being an 'old' punk - yeah I guess I wouldn't mind being younger, but I sure am glad and amazed I made through my 20's.

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And in a tiki/punk note, we got an email yesterday about a traditional Hawaiian band in NYC that we should consider for Hukilau. The punk aspect? The upright bassist was the bassist for Helmet! I really wanna look into this.


another show has been added. It looked like the 19th show was going to sell out so fast that allot of people wouldn't be able to get in so another show has been added.

You can catch The Blue Hawaiians and APE Thursday, July 18th at The King King in Hollywood

and you can catch The Blue Hawaiians, APE, and DJ Senor Amor at Kozmos in Huntington Beach

here goes the flyer for the 19th show. Pic courtesy of Octavio Arizala at winky Tiki.


Do I know you from the past? Florentina, were you one of us? I've been in deep conversation with Smogbreather about our "festive past". It was such a good time to grow up in that generation. No regrets! I do think that's why tiki is so relaxing to us all cause we got all our Angst out early in life. Paradise from here on out. I hope my kids are punks!


I was just up in Bev. Hills and saw the king punk Mr. John Lydon Rotton wearing an aloha shirt! I wonder if he's into tiki?


I suppose I could be considered an old punk of the suburban variety. I didn't dress that way unless I was going to a show, then it was basic utilitarian black on black with steel toed boots for protection, basically. I am too vain about my hair to do anything funny to it, though. I rarely went through the middle of the pit, that was for the boys. I was content to stay on the edge and throw them back in. Usually only ended up with some bruises at the end of the night, nothing broken, all teeth intact. Got a black eye once, though. Accidental collision. I liked X and Fear the most.


My wife and I are/were huge X fans. Got to know them to a small degree. Still see Billy Zoom at his amp repair shop in Orange every now and then.

Did any of you see the X and Blasters cross band called the Knitters? They were great.

I think I'm starting to get misty eyed.

Next Exit - Memory Lane.

I got a post card while at Oceanic Arts that said there would actually be 3 APE shows: July 18 at the KingKong in Hollywood, July 19th at Kosmos and July 20th TBA. I went to the Ape webby - but there is no mention of the 20th show... Anybody got any hot tips where and when?

There is also supposedly a big Polynesian festival going on that weekend at El Camino College in Torrance. Has anybody heard about this? My pal Charles Kiaha's Hawaiian band is supposed to be playing there.

I never saw the Knitters, believe it or not. I coulda sworn they played together recently, but I didn't know about it until after it was over. I loved Billy Zoom. X was still good after he left, but it just felt like something was missing.

It really looked like the Kozmos show was going to sell out really fast and a llot of people wouldn't be able to get in so a couple of other things have been set up:

July 18th - The King King, Hollywood
The Blue Hawaiians

July 19th - Kozmos, Huntingtom Beach, CA
The Blue Hawaiians
also DJ Senor Amor

July 20th - private party

July 21st - Doll Hut, Anaheim
(free BBQ at this show)
see band info below
The Neptunas (all girl surf band)

***We'll have a headline band within the next couple of days for the Doll Hut show. It's a last minute thing we're adding so we're just cranking on getting it ironed out.

I'm planning on going to the 19th fo' sho' and to the Doll Hut for APE's last So-Cal show. Hell I'm probably gonna be at The King King too. Before the Kozmos show I'll be drinking at the bar at sam's Seafood, hope to see some of you guys there, I'll be wearing my Mr. Furly Iolani shirt!!!

Don't let the fact that the Kozmos show may sell out discourage you from coming, just get there early, no being fashionably late HAHA!

I'll be shopping at Bamboo Ben's
then drinking at Sam's Seafood
and then partying at Kozmos
Life is good!

here go a couple of flyers:
the 18th
the 19th

I'll let you guys know about the Doll Hut show in a couple of days. This is a tiny venue, very good place to see an up close performance. It will be APE's last So-Cal show for this tour so even if you make it out on the 18th or 19th, try to get out to this one too.
The pic for the 19th show was provided by Octavio from Winkytiki.com. Octavio will be at Kozmos and he's bringing some of his lady friends!!!

Just checkin in again to give you guys the info on the 21st show at the Doll Hut, The Neptunas aren't going to be able to make it after all but we got someone else in, well here's the info:

$8 cover gets you in and you get in on the free BBQ.

3:00 PM doors open
4:00 PM The Bananna Bunch (Hawaiian Steel Drum band)
6:00 PM APE (more carving by Crazy AL)
8:00 PM The Tiki Tones (with go-go dancers and all)

This will be your last chance to catch APE before they go back to San Fransisco. Even if your planning on going to The King King or Kozmos try to make this one too, if for nothing elst just to gorge on some free BBQ!!!

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