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Pago Pago question?

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I did a search of the threads on Pago Pago and didn't see a swizzle on any of them. What location is this swizzle from? Any help would be great. Thanks


Chicago. There were once three locations.

I think it may be from the Pago Pago that was in Tucson many moons ago. I emphasize the word 'think'.....


I did say 'I think.....'



I should say "I think" as well but I'm pretty sure they were used at the various Chicago Pago-Pago if for not other reason than we have run across a great many of them 'round these parts. But who knows, I've certainly been wrong before.

Thanks Duke I was thinking of Chicago as I'm just across the lake but wasn't sure.

Also note that in quality of craftsmanship and rendering of the Wahine AND the typeface it comes close to the Chicago Shangri-La swizzle stick:

It would be interesting to compare other, non-Poly pop stirs from that swizzle foundry. This one says Beacon stir stick on the back

Bigbro. Mine is marked BEACON SIGNSTIR. They made the Hawaiian Village Tampa sticks as well. They are of a good quality.

It would be interesting to compare other, non-Poly pop stirs from that swizzle foundry. This one says Beacon stir stick on the back

Here are a couple that showed up when I did a Google search on Beacon signstir:

Nice. Here are a couple more from Beacon Signstir.

You know what, my Shangri La swizzle says Beacon sign stir, too. :)

I was inspired by Trav's post to start this thread:


I had always assumed this stick was from the Tucson Pago Pago, why I have no idea?
As far as the similarities the guy doing the carving/sculpting may have been the same person or using the same reference.
Beacon was one of the big stick manufacturers in the U.S. I dare say you could do a book just about their work they must have done thousands of designs.


I saw the sign but couldn't find the places..the paint has outlasted all traces..8)Welcome to Chicago..


As posted elsewhere, particularly on the comprehensive multinational Pago Pago thread started a few months ago....


...this building is slated for demolition.

Ouch...I'm wounded and leaking Mai Tai from that stab (not to worry I heal quickly). Only recently did I have the chance to visit the "Fantastic" city of Chicago. It was then I chanced upon the sign everlastingly painted on the side of the building ,as I wandered towards the new Trader Vic's. The only reason to post this picture was to perhaps shed some light in regards to the swizzle stick question..not trying to start a new thread or interfere with an existing thread, just felt it was the appropriate picture to post in regards to subject....8)

The hula girl one is from Pago Pago in Long Beach, California

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Pago Pago, Long Beach, CA

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