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What is this? (tiki skull?)

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On page 185 of the Book of Tiki, top left and partially hidden, is a carving that looks like an almost disneyfied tiki interperetation of a skull.

I ran across what looks like the same thing in the 'zombie isle' title banner of this monster mask site:

Does anyone know what it is/where it came from?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... Never seen anything else like it in a Tiki Related Capacity. Looks, though, as if it's carved from a Coconut Shell, don't it?

Good eye there, this Zombie Isle logo is definetely taken from the BOT, because I am the happy owner of the original, which is a one of a kind carving by Leroy Schmaltz, and to me it is of historic provenance, because I obtained it the very first time I discovered Oceanic Arts, in 1989.
Leroy was at that time so happy that someone was interested in their stuff, he sold it to me for 75.- bucks, about which Bob got mad at him later, off course.
It is pretty big and heavy, has that perfect mixture of Disney and primitive, and one of those early fine "polychromed" paint jobs, where they dirtied and toned down the colors to make them look ancient.

Ah - well - that would narrow it down a bit, being one of a kind and all:)

Is it thematically tied to any culture or carving style, or just a stand alone OA art piece?

The eyes and the coloring make it more New Guinea than Polynesian, but I never traced it back to a specific object.
The O.A./Disney influence clearly dominates...

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