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Trader Vic's Atlanta Questions

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Tikisobayli and I are headed over to TV's in Atlanta this weekend for dinner. I was just wondering about if they sell drinks that come in mugs you keep there and if they have a gift shop. Basically, I'm just wondering what to expect and all. Any input??

Thanks guys,

Expect a snizzy, snotty little Indian Maitre' De first off, an arrogant little bastard in an Armani suit. But it is a dyed-in-the-wool classic Trader Vic's...The drinks are made by old masters there since the early 70's. Marquesan poles and tikis EVERYWHERE...A large Tiki diorama that greets you as you descend (the elevator actually has a button labeled "TRADER VIC'S AND MAI TAI BAR"). Make sure and see both bars (there are two) and venture around to the big street entrance and check out the row of huge Maori Tikis leading you inside. They sell a couple of mugs when they have enough but make sure and ask at the end of your visit. Dinner is good in the way that a good Chinese resturaunt is good...appetizers were better. The drinks (at least when we were there) were GREAT. It's a classic, and we are fortunate to have it in the southeast....Enjoy!

If you park in (under) the hotel where it's located, you get free parking only if you eat a meal. They'll make you pay if you're only there for drinks, so get a stamp (sticker) before you leave. The lamb curry's always good! Tiki Puka Puka's there always have a gardenia or an orchid floating in it. I always start off there, therefore, so i can have one tucked behind my ear for the rest of the evening. or elsewhere:


and they're not THAT rude!! I've found them to be pretty sweet, with a real pride in their restaurant. They just get comPLETELY overwhelmed when we come en masse!

I begged my parents to take me to T.V last time we were in Atlanta. We got there and found out it was closed and wouldn't open for another hour and a half. I did get to see the decorations and the statues though it was well worth it!

i love the tiki pukapuka too!

I have family outside of atlanta and i am always sure to find the time to stop there for a drink and some fried rice...

no mugs to buy, but they do have still an awesome collectin of mugs to serve in, including the bloody headhunters. its nice....

BK was right; they do sometimes have mugs. I bought a TV coconut mug one time. As my mama says, "It never hurts to ask!"

Thanks for all the info everyone! I am excited as it is my first TV experience. We will definately ask about the mugs, (after we've had several drinks and everything...don't want to be too eager!) Anyway, will let everyone know how it was!



Verify their hours when you are there--Enid tried to go on a Monday and they closed early--about 7:30 pm!!


I second what Mr Smiley said--Craig and I missed out on seeing TV's on our (most likely only) trip to Atlanta--they are closed on Sundays! And, apparently, holidays (it was Labor Day).


Okay, so here's the update on Trader Vic's Atlanta. We had reservations for dinner and got there early for drinks at the bar. The wait staff was very nice and promptly brought our drinks, which were great! The decor was fabulous, dinner was great, and everyone that worked there was terrific. Very friendly, helpful, and courteous. I ordered a drink that said it came with a coconut mug you got to keep, they said they didn't do that anymore but that I could keep mine. Also got a drink menu and some other goodies. I tried the puka puka and loved it. A truly great drink! It ended up being a very special occassion as my boyfriend, tikisobayli, asked me to marry him and offered me a lovely ring, which I accepted. It was a terrific night and everything was great!

Wakiki Tiki, congrats to you and Tikisobayli!

waikiki tiki wrote:
...It ended up being a very special occassion as my boyfriend, tikisobayli, asked me to marry him and offered me a lovely ring, which I accepted. It was a terrific night and everything was great!

WOOHOO! Congratulations you two! Any pictures of this night? Post'em! Post'em!

Oh, and as for TV's saying that they don't give the coconut mugs anymore ~ that's very different in comparison the the San Francisco Trader Vic's. They happily give you the coconut mugs with your drink!


Great news!

I'm glad you had a pleasant experience in Trader Vic's. I haven't been back since Hukilau 2002 but will probably go next time we're in Atlanta.

Funny, I was reading over an old issue of Tiki News, the Bosko issue, and there was an article on Trader Vic's Atlanta. It went on to say that this location had very few Tiki's and did not serve in Tiki mugs. The overall review was pretty poor. Really odd! That place has always been excellent as far as decor since I've been going there - I believe this issue was 1999, I don't have it here with me at work. I have always been served from tiki mugs and the Starboard Light & Port Light glasses.

Other than the manager, Trader Vic's Atlanta is a wonderful place!


-And don't forget about "Mai Tai Thursdays" (2 for one all night)! My personal favorite. Basement Kahuna mentioned 2 bars.(?) Maybe he meant the other bar in the hotel ( a "normal" hilton bar). If there is another Trader Vic's bar there, please let me know where it is, as I have never seen it (and the manager hasn't either). Ask for Joel at the bar and tip big!

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