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Polynesian Condos-Oxnard California

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These 1960's apartments have been converted to condos....no Tikis found....

Oxnard (who named that city?) is next to Ventura, 30 minutes south of Santa Barbara...


Nice find Bongo - they look like they are still in good shape.

Cool, Those are the ones on Gonzalez Rd. right? As far as I remember. Oxnard was named after the Oxnard brothers who I think had a sugar mill or something. Hey, Wasn't there a tiki bar by the Oxnard airport?Bigbro? Anyone?

Zulu...I remember doing some construction in the mid-80s there, management always was on top of things even though most of the owners were renting these units out, at the time they could be bought for under $30,000.00!!!!! Not now....

Chiki.....Yes on Gonzalez just west of Highway 1....don't remember a tiki bar by the airport....

I found this old TiKi/Polynesian restaurant on Oxnard Blvd, just north of Channel Island Blvd. Nothing TiKi left inside, Red booth out back.

That's the old Moose or Elks lodge. It's right next to the indoor shooting range and foundry? Right?


Where was the Trade Winds located in Oxnard ? The menu I have lists the address as " Wagon Wheel Junction's Restaurant Row ". After a quick search I couldn't find anything on it.


The Trade Winds.."Exotic Food and Grog From The Seven Seas"....Wagon Wheel Junction is next to the 101 Freeway at the Santa Clara River bridge on the border of Ventura. Wagon Wheel Motel, Coffee Shop, and Bowling Alley are still there but I think the restaurant is gone. I am going by there today....will check it out....


I had no idea we had a tiki history in ventura. I have heard from a friend that his grandfather, after WWII, built a working volcano in his polynesian backyard in Oxnard. Wonder if thats around anymore?

Yes Tikichick, it is the Moose lodge, It must have been something in its day, That "longhouse" roof is pretty telling! With all the US Naval base activity around there its no wonder there was/is TiKi


I went by Wagon Wheel yesterday....just a mexican restaurant next door...there are a lot of large Palms a block south large parking lot for RVs, no other restaurants tho...

Tikitony....The Hong Kong Inn on Thompson in Ventura by the pier has tropical drinks in clamshells and volcano bowls...food isn't very good but the volcano bowl wasn't too bad...was too early for the "Polynesian Dance Review" ...they had a stage off the bar with a concrete tiki...

Wish someone would turn the vacant "Chart House Restaurant "into an appropriate Polynesian Food & Drink spot...Ocean View , Large Parking Lot....not much between L.A. and San Francisco....I saw an ad for a place called "Tiki Punch" ...".coming soon"...it will be on Thompson by the Bad Ass Coffee Company...I was hopeful of a tiki bar in the large vacant building by Waveline Surf Shop...It's turns out to be next to Pipeline in that new small strip mall...probably a store with new tiki stuff.....will have to keep an eye on that...

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OK, OK, if If you've renamed me TIKICHICK, then you'll have to settle for BananaBOOBS...How you like dem apples,Banana?P.s. Bongo, don't tell me the ventura Charthouse is closed? When? just there on new year's eve? Oh yeah I heard that the SB charthouse used to be Don the Beachcomber's.

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Chikitiki....yeah Chart House is closed...banner covering sign says "closed indefinitely".....


Thanks for the info and update on the Wagon Wheel.
Speaking of Chart House restaurants, does anyone know when the Chart House in Maui closed ?

After 3 Mai Tais...all Chicks look Tiki to me! Sorry about that chikitiki...(sheesh, Bananaboobs?)
TikiTony, as far as Tiki History in Ventura, probably the best history is that the Tiki Trader USED to be located here...( I hear that people tore down his statue, ripped of its head and dragged it around town!)

gonzo posted on Tue, Apr 15, 2003 8:39 AM

My mother in law says that the polynesian restaurant at wagon wheel was where Leonardos the mexican dance club is now located.


here's a little proof that they were tiki! found this minty fresh 3 face mug in san diego before Oasis..

Very cool find Dogbytes.....The Trade Winds was very Tiki. Puamana sent me a menu (mucho mahalos) from there that Sabu posted a pic of a while back. There is a drawing on the front of the cool A-frame building with a pond out front. In it is a boat and a large Tiki.

Mrs. Fury's parents saw the menu last weekend and confirmed the look. They lived in Oxnard (small world) and the night they were supposed to meet friends there for dinner, Mrs. Fury's dad got very ill and they never went back. Never saw the interior. Too bad.

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