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Tonights Mystery: Colonial China...mug or planter?

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Does anyone here know anything about "Colonial China"?

I found a really attractive and colorful fish mug today that was obviously used as a planter.
Grant it, (again) I've done very little research on Colonial China as I should.

The lady at the flea market (com'on, we all know the type) said she was selling it for someone else...of course. But a bystander told me that they had seen them in a tiki bar and said "but you probably don't even know what that is, do you?"
(I laughed ignorantly). Guess my long hair gave away my lack of intellect.
I advised the friendly person that I was vaugely familiar with the tiki bar term and asked what bar she had seen this type of mug in. Unfortunately she could not recall.

Anyone know 1.) If any cool tiki bar served a drink out of a colorful fish with gold painted eyes? and 2.) If Colonial China only produced planters or if they did, indeed, produce mugs as well.

As always, your comments, harassment, abuse, opinions, petty insults and replys are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Hey 75Stingray,

In a previous post you stated that you were a 'professional crimefighter'. How exactly does your stated 'longhair' tie in? I too had long hair but cut it all off in 1980 after becoming consumed in this new sort of music called 'punk'(as did most people in CA).

Tiki_bong: I sent you a private message reply.

But for those of you curious, "professional crimefighter" is just a joke. From Ford Fairlane.

Everyone makes fun of me because my house has been robbed a couple of times and I do security consulting. Ironic.

And yes, I have long hair. I usually clean up nice though.

Thanks for the reply. I'm still waiting to hear if anyone knows about this fish mug though. Anyone? ...


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