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more tiki going mainstream, found these in the latest forbidden planet catalouge...

Colourful, fuzzy-headed tribal warriors inspired by ancient tikis - first shown last year are now aimed at a broader market with their kid-friendly identities. Each figure in the first collection has a variety of faces reflecting their personalities as well as their vibrant tribal markings and "real hair" that's vivid and wild. Could they be the next Pokemon or maybe even Gonks?


If tiki becomes like Pokemon, we'll all have to go underground.


I don't have those yet. I do have the ones that started the collection. There were two sets that came out last year and were limited. They had the Japan edition set of only 500 and then Hong Kong saw them and made a set of 800. They Hong Kong set are gold with red hair. I've been waiting for these guys to come out. I think they are really neat. Here is the link to the Tiki-Mon Japan set.

Tiki-Mon Japan Set

Tiki-mon Hong Kong set

MaD-TiKi :evil:

No more Tiki 4 U KokomoTikiBar&Grill!!!!

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Tropical Monsters

Tiki-mon have the power! (do do do)


Wataki is my favorite...the other guys aren't half as Tiki-rific!

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