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South Seas Kon Tiki Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA (bar)

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Name:South Seas Kon Tiki Lounge
Street:512 Ohio River Boulevard


I've only found 2 sentances from 1968 that show that this place existed. It was located in the Avalon Motel in the Bellevue suburb if Pittsburgh, and they were extending the patio of the lounge at this time. Both the food and decor is labeled Polynesian.

Anyone heard of this place or have any info???

The motel is still there and operational, but a fire in 2006 gutted it, so I assume that nothing of the lounge remains.

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I just happen to have a postcard from the Avalon Hotel and the Kon Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA.

Here is the oversized card.

A close-up of the deck area of the bar with a hula skirt clad waitress.

Close ups of the restaurant, you can see some Witco pieces on the walls.

Here is the info on the back of the card.

Nothing too exotic, but hey if you were from Pittsburgh, it was probably very cool back in the day.


Hmmm, exotic South Seas island beverages! Never mind the Witco, I want those lamps! :)


You are right on that, those are some swinging lamps. Bongofury would love to have one of those beauties for the Rincon Room.



Awesome Dusty!

This is over the top... for Pittsburgh. I didn't think there was much of anything Tiki in the steel town. I'm originally from there, and if I ever make it back, I'll scope this place out. However, I haven't been back to visit yet since I moved to Hawaii, and that was over 5 years ago!

Ouch! Where's the Pittsburgh-love?
According to these forums (and others) Pittsburgh had no less than three (make that four, another one in Monroeville just popped up on TC) tiki places, and two of them had competing full scale floor shows! We currently have the Tiki Lounge. Nearly forgot... there's still a Polynesian dance troop in town that performs on regular Hawaiian dinner cruises over the summer on the three rivers. http://www.hawaiianshows.com/
Not too shabby (even if some of it came at the tail end of Tiki, Pittsburgh is slow to adopt "trends" afterall).

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