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Aloha Restaurant, Rome, GA (restaurant)

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Name:Aloha Restaurant
Street:1803 Summerville Road


Here's another hidden gem, which again I could barely find any info about it. It was located in front of the Rome Motel and was labeled as "an exotic south seas setting of a Polynesian paradise." The restaurant must have been seperated into different rooms, as I found reference to the "Bamboo Room" and "Coconut Room". Here is a 1968 ad :down:

I know they were open as early as 1958, and as late as 1971, but it does seem that they moved at one point. I found a 1962 ad for a building for rent at 617 Avenue C in Summerville which states that it was formerly occupied by Aloha Restaurant. Google maps didn't seem to help much, as many of the roads look like they changed a lot in this area. Anyone heard of this one???

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I am from Rome originally. China City, an absolutely awful Chinese restaurant occupies that address and has for as long as I can remember. BUT! The good news is that China City is in the original building. The building is a gorgeous two story Chinese Temple-like structure with massive columns and huge red front doors flanked by two lions. I remember as a child always being fascinated by the building. I tried to find a picture but could not. I hope that I was some help.


I remember the Aloha in downtown Rome, Ga well. I remember the fountain, the lettuce-wedge salads, the dressings and caddy, the hamburger w/ thousand island sauce, and the lights and motif, although I was quite young.

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