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Small Crawl In Seattle - Sat. May 23rd

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Hello to all Seattle TC'ers.

My friend Vanessa and I will be coming up to Seattle this weekend for a short visit to my parents. Our plan is to duck out of the house after they settle in for the night on Saturday and go to both Ohana and Hula Hula. We will start at Ohana around 10 pm and then move on to Hula Hula from there.

Hopefully Paul will join us if he can get to downtown that night.

This is a pretty informal gathering. If anyone thinks they can make it, please PM me and I will send you my contact info and how to recognize us. :o)



drat. im stuck in san diego on family matters.
have a fun time in the Emerald City, i've heard, the weather will be NICE!

Yes it's supposed to be 70 the whole time we are there. I'm really looking forward to the trip. Vanessa has never been and we get to see our friends in Portland as well. The really funny thing is that Paul and Dennis will both be up in Seattle this weekend. I also found out that my friend Egan who used to live the bay area, but moved Chicago, now lives in Seattle. So funny. I will be spending more time with Bay Are people than Seattle folks.

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