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Polynesian Lounge, West Des Moines, IA (bar)

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Name:Polynesian Lounge
Street:5717 Ashworth Road
City:West Des Moines

Don't know a whole lot about this one other than its existence.

In January 1967, Marvin Cohenour was trying to get his liquor license for a steak house and lounge, but was getting a lot of resistance from the neighbors who lived on that street. They claimed it was too far from the police station and that they could not make it there in time if there was a problem. However, he somehow worked everything out, and was up and running by August 1968 as he had placed an ad for new help, and the ad was listed as the Polynesian Lounge.

It must have been really hard to find good help in the area, as there were help wanted ads for the lounge almost every week for at least the next 4 years. They vary from needing a bartender, to cook, to waitresses, but there's no way this place could have lasted that long for the amount of money he was spending for classified ads and obviously not having much of a staff!

If you search Marvin Cohenour, you will find that he now owns the Rendezvous Lounge in Adel, which is close by. Not sure if this is him or a son. However, I did find that they were having benefit auctions for him in 2006 for some rare disease, so there's a chance he may not be around any more.

Anyone got anything?

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