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Polynesian Village (Eddy Song's), St. Louis, MO (restaurant)

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Name:Polynesian Village (Eddy Song's)
Street:815 Washington Ave
City:St. Louis

I came across this nice menu for Eddy Song's Polynesian Village restaurant in St. Louis, MO. Did the usual internet research and could not find any info. Anybody ever heard of this one?


[ Edited by: Dustycajun 2009-05-25 06:05 ]

Very cool menu!
St.Louis seems like such a Tiki no man's land nowadays, are there ANY T.C. agents out there? With Trader Vic's and the Mainlander, and now this place, it seems like interesting Tiki territory. Johnny Dollar did good work there, but all the pics are gone now, which is quite unsatisfying:


So, no info out there on this place?

Here is one of those skinny matchbooks, same logo as the menu.


Spotted this ad for Eddy Song's on ebay.

A little more info on the place, sounds like they copied the Trader Vic's Chinese Oven concept.

Would be nice to find a photo of this place some day.


It looks like Eddy Song's opened in 1960, I couldn't find any earlier reference. However, it didn't last very long. On March 3, 1963 the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an ad to auction off the restaurant.

Good info! Too bad the place didn't last very long.

I looked up, from the ad, the auction house that stated they had "a century of auction management" experience. They're still around and thriving in St. Louis. Now, though, they would have "over a century and a half of auction management." Lol...

The newspaper clipping gives enough information on the chicken dish that we could very closely recreate it at home.

I wonder what became of Eddy Song after the restaurant closed? I got no real hits when I did a Google search on his name.

Couldn't really find anything immediately after Eddy Song's, but the Cervante's Convention Center (named for the mayor at the time)opened there in 1977. It's highly possible that land banking took place for years on the site as they got the project off the ground.

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