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Good tiki weekend

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At Powell's I found a pristine copy of the 1972 edition of Trader Vic's Bartending Guide. Funny stuff there. Then yesterday we re-built the waterfall at Castaway Cove to incorporate our Toscano tiki and new underwater light. It looks fantastic, with the red glow of the light reading like flame on the wall behind the tiki. We probably won't be able to afford the pump needed to make the tiki spit until after the season opener, but it still looks really cool. Woofmutt, I'm excited that you're gonna get a chance to see it! Anybody else planning on finding themselves in the NW on the 22nd? We're primed for what's shaping up to be a really big to-do!

With a good wind and Tiki's favor (a room at the Sheraton for $30 through Priceline is a good sign) we will be there with rum and trinkets.

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