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Are there any real tiki bars in NJ?

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Hey everyone. I'm heading out to the Jersey Shore this week and looking for a tiki hangout. I was told of Martell"s Tiki Bar, but after looking up their web site I wasn't totally enthused. Then I found a bar called Dinos in Keyport, but no info on it.
Does anyone know of anything else to see while I'm there?
Thanks a bunch -
Smokin' Tikis

Well not too many official tiki bars - but LBI has Tiki Tacos, also a mini golf place with a few tikis, a few of the eating places on the Island have tikis carved by Murph. While not tiki but cool old school places to visit in the NJ Chinese food line would be Lees Hawaiian Islander not near the beach and Chans which is near the George Washington Bridge. And it you into googie type hotel motels / there are a few left in Wildwood.
Not sure if this helps but have fun either way!

Right on. I don't think we'll be getting up to NY this trip. We were there in Dec. and froze our asses off. But, I'll check out Chans and see how far Wildwood is from where I'll be. Thanks for the info. -J

Chans is a good choice - its about 3 mile south of the George Washington bridge i-80 / i-95

I think this is correct..
Chan's Dragon Inn
630 Broad Ave Ridgefield, 07657
IF you go when you pay (Cash out) look above the checkout area near door (coat check) they have differet mugs and bowls for sale - ask them in have any older S&P shakers - they sometimes have em "downstairs" - When you going? PM me if you like.

I have gotten S&P shakers from them coconuts, matches, menus, bowls they are very nice and the place has a cool old school vibe great food - Try a Pupu and great drinks - I like the Navy Grog. And they play hawaiian style music.
I'm surprised no pics on TC - I'll have to fix that - I know Critiki has some - http://www.critiki.com/cgi-bin/pictures.cgi?loc_id=428#/images/locations/428/1845_large.JPG


Martell's/ Pt Pleasant NJ is OK
Take the drive to Wildwood Crest, there are quite a few great retro motels left
then head to Cape May and dine at the Mad Batter


Heading to Atlantic City next Friday, and was wondering if there are any places in South-central NJ that might be worth checking out. Anything new to report in the last 10 years?

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