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The Islander Restaurant, Warwick, RI (restaurant)

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Name:The Islander Restaurant
Street:2318 West Shore Road

Came across this matchbook from a Tiki restaurant in Rhode Island called the Islander. I thought I would post it here.
I didn't really find any specific information on this place but it has been mentioned here a couple times. Nothing really solid and no photos or postcards have seemed to have surfaced.

Figured it was a location so it should be here.

And the not so exciting inside:

A few years back, in 2003, a TC'er named "Chris" from Warwick, RI, did post this:

"Don't bother checking out the Islander in Warwick. It is now a plain ole Chinese restaurant with a new modern design. The drinks are so so. The Islander used to have somewhat of a tiki atmosphere until 1990 or so. I remember it being dark and having a fountain in the middle."

That's all I have so maybe someone else on here has some information or could possibly get a picture of what this place looks like now.
They did have a very cool matchbook at that!

Mahalo, TabooDan

[ Edited by: TabooDan 2009-06-01 21:26 ]


Nice post Dan. That matchbook is yet another Hawaiian Village Tampa clone.

Here's a nice matchbook from the Islander. Looks like the used the logo Tiki from Ren Clark's. Here is a look at the place now and a link to the restaurant. http://www.theislanderrestaurant.com/index.htm

Here is a view as it looks now.

I guess it's not defunct, but it sure looks like it's been de-tikied! I'm about 45 minutes from there. I'll see if I can check it out.

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